Vice President Boakai Hails Liberia-Nigeria Ties

Monday, 7th June 2010
Monrovia, Liberia - Vice President Joseph N. Boakai says Liberia remains grateful to Nigeria for its tireless efforts in helping to end the conflict in Liberia. He said Liberia also recognizes the fact that Nigeria sttod by Liberia during her conflict years.

Vice President Boakai made the statement Friday when the Chairman of the Association of African Public Services Commissions (AAPSComs), Ambassador A. Al-Gazali at the head of a five member delegation, paid a courtesy call on the Vice President at his Capitol Building Office to introduce to him the Association.

Vice President Boakai said the proliferation of Nigerian banking institutions in Liberia, coupled with numerous other Nigerian investments in the country speak of Nigeria’s intention to help reform Liberia’s war-ravaged country and to restore its dignity.

He lauded the West African Member States for the formation of the Association of African Public Services Commissions, noting that Civil Servants in Liberia are now being reassured that they too have a say in what happens to them during and after they have left the public service.

The Vice President stressed the need for members of the region to position themselves in doing what others cannot do for them.

He expressed happiness for the recent meeting of the ECOWAS body in Monrovia to review Liberia’s twenty years after conflict and to see what mistakes have been made and what decisions were made at that time that need to be revisited.

He observed that with the brain drain in the region, Liberia would like to see some “horizontal movement” of its people from other African countries.

Earlier, AAPSComs’ Chairman Ambassador Al-Gazali expressed gratitude for the audience granted by the Vice President.

He said the AAPSComs was first conceptualized in Syney, Australia during the CAPAM Biennial Conference in 2006.

Ambassador Al-Gazali said the objectives of the Association are to provide a common platform for the Commissions to promote and share best practices and promote professionalism in the conduct of the business of the Commissions.

He said the Association, among other things, will promote research in human resources, public administration and management practices to enhance service delivery solidarity among African Commissions by fostering relationships towards a shared vision on public administration and management on the continent.

According to Amb. Al-Gazali, the Association will further develop and implement common capacity building strategies and programs in order to recruit and retain a well trained, professional and skilled Public Service in Africa.

He further said the Association will develop linkages and networks with international and regional bodies in order to promote the objectives of the Association and facilitate the implementation of inter-governmental goals applicable to the Public Service.