Vice President Boakai Urges Liberians In The Diaspora to Return Home and Help Develop Their Country: As He Receives Donation By Liberian Resident In U.S.

Monday, 8th November 2010

Monrovia, Liberia - Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai is calling on Liberians in the Diaspora to return home and help rebuild.

He observed that the task of reconstructing post-war Liberia is enormous, considering the immense damage done to the country.

Speaking Friday at the Rotunda of the Capitol Building,  Vice President Boakai observed that the war in Rwanda was as brutal, if not more brutal, than the Liberian civil conflict, but observed that Rwanda did not experience the destruction wrecked in Liberia by unconscionable fighters.

“The war in Rwanda was similar to what happened in Rwanda, but nowhere were light poles shot at and hydro blown up by fighters as was the case in Liberia,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

Vice President Boakai made the call on Friday, November 5, during the presentation of an assortment of police gear by a Liberian serving in the United States Police Service, Mr. Maxwell Dorley.

The materials included 388 Police shirts, 229 Police Trousers, 51 Bullet-proof Vests and about 27 Traffic Vests.

The Liberian Vice President argued that it not easy to attain the goals set by the Government overnight because he noted, it is easier to set up a government than it is to create opportunities, attract investment and meet the basic needs of residents.

Vice President Boakai thanked Mr. Dorley for the donation, noting that it will go a long way in meeting the needs of the police in grappling with the high crime rate and the fight against drugs. He is accordingly urging all Liberians in the Diaspora to emulate Mr.
Dorley’s example.

Vice President Boakai later presented the items to Police Chief Inspector Marc Amblard, who received them on behalf of the Liberia National Police.

Receiving the items, Police Chief Inspector Amblard thanked Vice President Boakai for his demonstrated interest in the Liberia National Police.

He said this was the second time the police was receiving a donation through the Vice President’s intervention, and recalled the donation of BMW police patrol vehicles by the Italian Government to the Liberian through the effort of the Vice President.

“It is very rare for the Vice President to think about the police and to keep talking for the police. Even rarer is his expression of interest in the police,” Chief Inspector Amblard said, and assured that Vice President Boakai he will always remain a friend of the police.

Mr. Amblard thanked the Unity Party-led Government for the efforts it is exerting to reform the security sector, but noted that due to the damage done over the years, it will take between 10-15 years to bring the police force back to where it used to be.

He said at the moment, some police officers have only one old suit, noting that it is disheartening for the police to wear worn out suits, because this will encourage community residents to overlook, disrespect and even insult the police.

Making the presentation to Vice President Boakai earlier, Mr. Dorley commended the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led Government for the strides it has made since it attained state power.

He expressed optimism that judging by the pace with which Liberia is moving and considering the natural resources it is endowed with Liberia will in the near future overtake Ghana in terms of development.

Mr. Dorley said he was proud to give back to his country. He said although he has spent 30 of his 40 year life span in the United States, he has not given up on his country, adding, “I will keep believing in Liberia and will continue to solicit assistance on her behalf.

He promised that the next consignment will include flashlights for directing traffic.