“Liberia Seeks Credible Partners, Not Grab-and-Go Investors”—VP Boakai

Wednesday, 21st September 2011
Vice President Boakai speaking in Houston, Texas.
Vice President Boakai speaking in Houston, Texas.
Photo Credit: Office of the Vice President

Monrovia, Liberia - The Vice President, the Honorable Joseph N. Boakai, says Liberia is seeking international partners who will help the Country develop its Oil Program and not companies he described as “grab and go” entities.  Speaking in Houston, Texas, (the USA), VP Boakai told a gathering of major oil companies and potential investors that Liberia’s oil exploration program is progressing at an accelerated pace and that as the Country was preparing to enter a new and unchartered domain of oil production, it is looking for credible people and institution do business with.  He said that the Government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would only work with companies that are not just focused on their profit margins to the disadvantage of our people.  “We are prepared to do business with credible companies that understand social corporate responsibility, and how to add value to the community in which they are operating,” the Liberian Vice President said.

Hon. Boakai expressed the optimism that his visit to Houston as guest of the Greater Houston Partnership, will help keep the torch of Houston-based businesses burning in Liberia.  He said that Liberians are resilient and determined to rebuild their country, and called on the Houston Chamber of Commerce to help the Government identify and facilitate the right marriage with partners who understand how the developing world goes and who are ready to make Liberian citizens key stakeholders in their own area.  He reminded the oil barons and business executives that no matter the size of your investment, you can only ensure success when our people see you as not just a “grab and go” business, but also one that respects and cultivates a true partnership with them.

He thanked Chevron, BHP Billiton, Camac, Oceanic Liberia, Delta, the Port of Houston, Vanco, the Tagos Group, Noble Energy, Texas A&M University, who are considering or already doing business in Liberia, for what he described as their huge vote of confidence in the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. 

VP Boakai is traveling to New York where he is expected to address the UN General Assembly, and also to Washington DC, where he will serve as the principal speaker at programs marking the 50th anniversary celebrations of the American Peace Corps Volunteers.