Educating the Youth Must Be Liberia's Priority, Says Kimmie Weeks

Thursday, 26th July 2007
Indendence Day orator Kimmie L. Weeks.
Indendence Day orator Kimmie L. Weeks.
Photo Credit: James M. Garresen, II/Executive Mansion

Buchanan, Grand Bassa County - The National Orator for the 160th Independence Anniversary, Mr. Kimmie Weeks, says education and the development of the youth must be the greatest priority of government.

Mr. Weeks said unless government invests in the development in the capacity of the youth of the country, the future growth of Liberia will be in vain.

Mr. Weeks welcomed the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the country, but observed that as important as the process is, the investment in the human capacity of the youth can not be delayed. The Child Advocate said if Liberia is to reclaim its future, government must put in place a National Education Policy to address educational needs of the country.

He regretted a recent decision by the National legislature to slash appropriations for education and health, while increasing their benefits. Service, the youth advocate said must first begin with the interest of the people being served rather that than those who have been elected to serve.  He called on the President to veto any budget passed by the lawmakers which undermines education and health, amid rousing applause from the audience.

Mr. Weeks reechoed concerns by citizens of hardship in the country, but warned the youth never to be used to engage in acts that would undermine the authority of government or destabilize the state. He observed that it is the youth who suffer whenever there is violence while those who use them to achieve their objectives plunder the wealth of the country. “There may be hard times now, but things will get better soon.” He expressed confidence in the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to transform the country, but caution Liberians to be patient as efforts continue to move the country forward.

The Young orator, has meanwhile been admitted into the Humane Order of African Redemption with the distinction of Knight Grand Commander by the President.

The official programs continue at the Fairground in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, with more speakers lined up to address the occasion, including President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

We will bring you more reports subsequently.