President Sirleaf Dedicates Saclepae City Hall; Lauds Citizens for Keeping the Peace.

Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
Internal Affairs Minister presents   Cable to President Sirleaf.
Internal Affairs Minister presents Cable to President Sirleaf.
Monrovia, Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dedicated the Saclepae City Hall named and styled the - "Ellen Johnson Sirleaf City Hall” in Saclepae City, Nimba County. “We are here to say thank you for helping to keep the peace, I want to commend you, especially the private sector and citizens for what you have done all these years,” she told jubilant citizens of Saclepae City, Nimba County.    
According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made the statement in Saclepae City, Nimba County on Monday, February 20, 2017 when she cut the ribbons to a modern City Hall, which she formally opened it. “Thanks to all of you; it takes someone with courage to do the right thing like you have done; thank you for keeping the peace and for what you have individually and collectively done in your various activities; be it farming, business, school among others.” “The future of Liberia is bright, you can be what you want to be if you work for it,” the Liberian leader said. 
President Sirleaf said the dedication of Saclepae City Hall is a clear demonstration that the people of Nimba County are hard-working and committed people. She urged them to maintain the City Hall and keep it clean for the purpose intended. The Liberian leader pointed out that the opening of the City Hall marks a major transition to a new governance approach aimed at making citizens comfortable. “With the opening of this Hall, it is now clear that what you see - going on in Nimba shows development that must be commended,” President Sirleaf emphasized.
The Liberian leader thanked the citizens and residents for helping to maintain 11 years of uninterrupted peace through their various activities. She said whenever she moves around and sees agriculture activities, it shows that Liberia’s future is bright. Meanwhile, President Sirleaf has recommended two twins who are suffering from some form of deformity to be taken to the J. F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia for medical checkup and treatment. The two kids are Martha Wenday and LaykarnueWenday of Vaye Graie.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf then reassured Liberians that she is of the conviction that there will be a good election - come 2017. “I do believe we will have a successful election; I believe the Liberian people do not want anyone to disturb the 11 years of peace that we have enjoyed; so, be a part of the ongoing voter’s registration process.  
For her part, Marie Yeleyon, City Mayor, Saclepae City, praised President Sirleaf for the visit especially the construction of several development projects including a market building, the provision of electricity, roads, among others. She said she was particularly grateful to President Sirleaf for giving voice to and for promoting women’s issues adding: “We do not have anything to give you but to say thank you for all you have done for Nimba in particular and Liberia in general.” 
Also speaking, the head of Nimba County Legislative Caucus, Senator Thomas Grupee extolled President Sirleaf for the numerous development initiatives that have taken place in Nimba County, something he said was worth commendation. “We owe you a depth of gratitude; you have done exceptionally well for which we are grateful for your leadership,” he said. 
Senator Grupee acknowledged with profound appreciation the number of “Nimbains” that are working in the Sirleaf-led administration ranging from Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Ministers to Directors. He said what more they could we ask for from this government under your leadership, Madam President? He further named the pavement of the road from Red-Light to Ganta – Guinea Border, Jackson F. Doe Hospital among others. Sen. Grupee said Nimba will never forget what President Sirleaf has done for the people of Nimba. He furthered the Legislative Caucus of Nimba is working together in spite of some disagreements over county-related issues, which he referred to normal in any civilized society. 
Speaking separately, the chiefs and elders thanked President Sirleaf and noted that peace Liberia enjoys today could not have been possible without the leadership role she exhibited over the years despite the challenges encountered.
Following the dedicatory ceremony in Saclepae City, President Sirleaf attended a Town Hall meeting in Bahn City to interact with the citizens and thanked them for the 11 years of peace. In Bahn, the citizens including women, chiefs, elders, youths, farmers and students welcomed President Sirleaf and expressed thanks and appreciation to her for all that she has done  and continues to do for Nimba County and Liberia in general. They named access to education, health, roads, freedom of speech and press as well as women’s empowerment - as some of what the government has done under her leadership.
In a related development, the Liberian leader also dedicated a Guest House in Bahn City and described it as an important tool for development.  
President Sirleaf also made a brief stopover in Old Youpea, Nimba County to interact with market women, young people, motorcyclists, students and chiefs and elders in a Town Hall Meeting. She praised them for keeping the peace they are now enjoying. She said when she took over in 2006 - there were three things she set out to do first; to give Liberia back its reputation as a country that is equal to any civilized country in the world and noted today, Liberians are once again respected around the world. 
Secondly, she said to keep the peace - to ensure that Liberia does not go back to war and thirdly, to promote freedom of speech and press. She said she has not been deterred by those who speak good or bad about her. Meanwhile, President Sirleaf also dedicated a modern Commissioner Compound in Youpea and congratulated the citizens for their commitment to the government and Liberia.  
Also making remarks were Nimba Superintendent, Senator Thomas Grupee, Hon. Rick Towah, chiefs, elders, rural women youth, and health workers. They congratulated President Sirleaf for the visit and named the construction of the roads, promotion of women’s rights, health center, and school in Youpea. They however appealed to President Sirleaf for the elevation of the only Junior High to High School in order to accommodate the huge number of student enrolment. The citizens also appealed to President Sirleaf for an Ambulance to buttress the one at Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita. 
President Sirleaf is accompanied by several senior government officials including Internal Affairs Minister, Dr. Henrique Tokpa, Finance and Development Minister, Hon. Boima Kamara, LTA Boss, Ms. Angelique Weeks, some member of the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, among others.