President Sirleaf Urges Liberians to Give Thanks on Flag Day…

Friday, 25th August 2017
President Sirleaf making remarks at Liberia's 170th Anniversary National Flag Day Ceremony.
President Sirleaf making remarks at Liberia's 170th Anniversary National Flag Day Ceremony.
Monrovia, Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has urged Liberians to give thanks to God for the many achievements the country has experienced over the years in spite of the many difficult periods the country has been through. She stressed that peace and development continue to reign in the county. The Liberian leader credited the country’s achievements to the resilience and hard work of the forefathers, chiefs, elders and patriotic citizens among others who made sacrifices for the maintenance of the land. 
“Let’s just celebrate all that we have; all that God has been good to give us, all that we have done ourselves to be where we are; the peace we enjoyed, the development that begins to reach to out to us, though much more needed, when we leave today, be thankful that because all those founding fathers, chiefs and elders and all the patriots from all sides of our land have made great sacrifices that today, despite all the turbulence and disruption in peace we can still stand firm as a nation and we can say we are ready to claim the future and see Liberia rise” President Sirleaf noted. 
According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf was speaking during an in-door program marking the 170th National Flag Day celebration at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion on Ashmum Street in Monrovia. 
She noted due to the priceless contributions and sacrifices of the founding fathers and many others, Liberians can once again claim the future. She therefore called on all Liberians to reflect of the message of the orator stressing that the flag is the pride of Liberia because of what its represents. 
She said the red represents the blood that have being shed over the years and even currently to maintain the sovereignty as a nation; the blue, represents the continent, which according to her, which blends the people of Liberia; the history and the newcomers coming together to a continent rich in resources, struggling for survival, emancipation and development; while the white symbolizes the pure in spirit of a people reunited, reintegrated standing along to be the one star - the one independent nation on the continent, something she said Liberians are proud off. 
Earlier, the Orator of the 170th National Flag Day and Chairperson of the Isaac A. David School Madam Christian Tolbert Norman called on Liberians to be more patriotic and committed to the growth and development efforts of the nation but disagreed with the redesigning of the Liberian flag as being recommended by others.
She noted instead of Liberians clamoring for the change of the Liberian Flag, they should rather change their attitudes and way of life if the country should move forward in it development agenda. 
Madam Norman noted despite the huge gains the country has made during the period of recovery and reconstruction (2003 – 2012), there are still very serious issues that need to be analyzed and addressed with political will. She intimated the venerability of youth and young adults. 
She maintained that until these issues are adequately addressed with determination and strategic planning, the 2030 vision for national transformation will not be achieved. She used the occasion to commend the Ministry of Education for the opportunity to serve as orator for 2017 National Flag Day. 
The Flag Day events were climaxed with the winners of this year’s Cadet Corps Drill competition receiving awards and prizes. The Assembly of God School on Buchanan Street received the first place prize, the 2nd place award went to the Parmilia Academy School System, while Gray D. Allison won the 3rd place prize. The best dressed school prize went to St. Teresa Convent High School and the most disciplined prize went to the Cathedral Catholic High School. 29 schools participated in the Cadet Corps Drill.