President Sirleaf Concludes County Tour; Dedicates Development Projects

Thursday, 31st August 2017
President Sirleaf making remarks in Kingsville, Montserrado County.
President Sirleaf making remarks in Kingsville, Montserrado County.
Todee District, Montserrado County: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has concluded her County tour with the dedication of several development projects in Todee District, rural Montserrado County. The dedication concludes the Final Leg of County tour. The tour took her to Kingsville, Morris Farm, Goba Town, Gbone Town, Miatta Town, Yarkpazua Town, Pleemu Clan and Nyehn, the district headquarters where she held Town Hall Meetings and dedicated the Pleemu Community Health Center and Kingsville Town Hall.
According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf, on Thursday, August 31, 2017 received traditional welcome from chiefs and elders who were joined by Montserrado County District # 1 Representative, Josephine George Francis, local officials led by the County Superintendent Mrs. Florence Brandy ,women, youth, students, and partisans of the ruling Unity Party.
President Sirleaf said she was glad to be back in Todee mainly to thank the people for standing by her government during the past 11 plus years and for electing her twice to the Presidency as well as for contributing to the peace Liberia now enjoys. “Let me applaud the Superintendent, Commissioners, Paramount Chiefs, Clan Chiefs, youth, and women for playing your part and standing by this government,” she noted.
The Liberian leader commended the citizens for their strong aspiration towards peace as demonstrated by a strong commitment to development. She called on all citizens to contribute toward the growth and development of their district, county and people. “All the schools are jam-packed; the schools need annexes to accommodate more young Liberian children who are eager to learn including more professional teachers,” she stressed.
She congratulated Hon. Josephine George Francis, District # 1 Representative and cheered the people to vote in Representative Josephine George Francis - come October 10 as their representative for her development initiatives in the district. She told the electorate to vote for Representative Francis because according to her she’s a good farmer, advocator, Christian, strong woman who loves her people and have legislative experience and skills to get things done at the Legislature.  
Regarding the facilities dedicated, she cautioned citizens and residents to take care and assume ownership because the facilities belong to them. She warned that one of our problems is the lack of proper care for these things we use. She however commended the County Health Officer of Montserrado County, Dr. Yatta Sackie Wapoe for her unrelenting efforts in serving the people of the county.  She generously donated a 5 KVA generator to the Pleemu Community Clinic as part of her of support to the health initiative of the people.
The Liberian leader furthered, despite the difficulties the country experienced, Liberia has once again come up. She underscored freedom of speech as one of the major accomplishments of the government, which she said is very important but comes with great responsibility. She said 12 years of peace without any arrest for expressing one’s view is commendable.   
She said the government could not have done it along without the involvement of the people. “It also took your efforts to get us to where we are as a government”, so, to the people of Nyehn, thanks for your commitment to peace and development,” she added. President Sirleaf intimated that the level of development achieved - means the country is making steady progress. 
The Liberian leader reaffirmed government’s continued commitment to peaceful, free and transparent elections in October. She assured citizens of Montserrado County of her support despite the limited time the government has. 
In separate remarks on behalf of the Elder Council, youth, and women, Patrick Sumo, Clan Chief of Pleemu Clan, Daniel Babbie, Commissioner, Pleemu Clan, Elder Thomas Gaye, Mamie Josiah and Tete Konneh expressed gratitude to President Sirleaf for her leadership role in transforming Liberia and in lifting and promoting women’s issues. “Today, we are actively participating in decision-making; women are now Paramount Chiefs and our country is making progress; Thank you Madam President,” they observed. 
In brief remarks, Montserrado County District # 1 Representative Josephine George Francis thanked President Sirleaf for her continued support to her and rural Montserrado County in the areas of roads, which will never be forgotten by her people. “Today, more girls are now in school in the district than ever before; while infrastructures are being developed,” she pointed out. Representative Francis commended her people for their cooperation and support, which enabled her to undertake projects in the district from the County Development Fund (CDF).  
For her part, Superintendent Florence Brandy commended President Sirleaf for the visit and described her as one of the “Best Presidents” ever in Liberia’s history. She named among other the Liberian leader’s ability to demonstrate sound leadership and commitment to development; for the building of roads, airport, ports, and for prioritizing women’s empowerment and the education.
Also speaking, Musa Sanoe, M&E Research Manager, Country Office of Plan International Liberia thanked President Sirleaf for the opportunity given Plan Liberia. He said his institution is committed to working with rural communities and with President Sirleaf’s recognition around the world, Plan International will be able to attract more donor funding. The Pleemu Community Clinic was constructed by the Government of Liberia with support from Plan International Liberia.