Liberian Community in California Honor Vice President Boakai

Saturday, 22nd September 2007
San Diego, California - The Liberian American Community Organization of Southern California in the United States Friday presented a leadership award to Vice Joseph N. Boakai "in recognition of his wise leadership" manifested in his dedication to improving the living standards of the people of Liberia.

The citation read by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Community, Charles Yarsiah,  said the community was also honoring Vice President Boakai in recognition of his determination to foster goodwill and understanding among Liberians from all parts of he country.

The honoring program held in San Diego, was attended by a representative group of the 4,000 strong community members.

Officials of the community observed that the elections of 2005 which brought President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai to power, signaled a new beginning in Liberia after nearly two decades of civil war.

"As we come to the end of your second year in office, we can say with confidence that finally, our beloved country is in good hands," the community officials said in a position statement presented to Vice President Boakai.

Th community residents said like all peace-loving Liberians, they have a vested interest in a prosperous Liberia, and that they want to be participants in the rebuilding of a nation that all Liberians can once again be proud of.

The community residents said the visit of Vice President Boakai was the first by a high-ranking government official to the State of California in 30 years.

The community residents also honored Deborah Lindholm, Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Women for "invaluable services" to mankind as evident in her commitment to raise the standard of living of women everywhere.

Madam Lindholm, also a Rotarian, extended the Foundation's micro-credit pogram to Liberia last year to assist impoverished women.

The Foundation is also assisting impoverished women in the United States, India and Niger in West Africa.