FLAA Honors Vice President Boakai

Tuesday, 25th September 2007
The Chairman of the Board of FLAA, Larwuson Mulbah presents plaque to Vice President Boakai.
The Chairman of the Board of FLAA, Larwuson Mulbah presents plaque to Vice President Boakai.
Photo Credit: Press & Public Affairs/Office of the Vice President
New York, USA - The Federation of Lofa Associations in the Americas (FLAA) on Monday honored Vice President Joseph N. Boakai for his contributions to the state, church and humanity.

The association also presented a plaque to Vice President Boakai as a symbol of the honor.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of FLAA, Larwuson Mulbah who presented the plaque to him, recounted how Vice President Boakai paid the tuition and fees of some Lofa County students attending the Cuttington University College in 1979.

Mr. Larwuson also presented a model 747 jet plane to Vice President Boakai “as a symbol of our desire in the Diaspora for a speedy direct flight to Liberia”, and for unity and reconciliation in the county.

“After all we are in the same boat together and must guard it safely. Liberia is our pride, and it is incumbent upon us to protect her and chart her destiny,” Mr. Larwuson said.

He commended President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai for the remarkable accomplishments the Unity party-led government has made thus far; and hoped government would prioritize the construction of good highways economic recovery, agriculture as well as the rebuilding of hospitals and schools.

Mr. Larwuson informed Vice President Boakai that FLAA has undertaken several projects for the benefit of citizens of Lofa County and Liberia in general, and cited the donation of pharmaceuticals and containers of used clothing and other materials to Liberia and refugee camps, as well as cash donations to Lofa County refugees in Guinea, Ghana and Liberia.

“Currently, the Federation has embarked on an elaborate education project for Lofa County,” he added.

In response, Vice President Boakai thanked FLAA for the honor bestowed on him and pledged the Unity party-led government’s commitment to restore the pride

and dignity Liberia has lost within the comity of nations due to the senseless conflict.

He commended the Lofa citizens for the assistance they rendered their relatives during the conflict, noting, ”the remittances you sent home made conditions better for us and the peace process”.