International Charity Expresses Desire to Help Needy Liberians

Saturday, 10th February 2007
Monrovia, Liberia -  An executive of the London based His Church Charity Wednesday paid a courtesy call on Vice President Joseph N. Boakai to brief him about the Charity’s  desire to collaborate with government to distribute US$10 million worth of relief items to needy Liberians.

Mr Trevor Cockings who was accompanied by Mr. Wesley Momo Johnson, former Vice Chairman of the erstwhile National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) and  Liberian Ambassador designate to the Court of St. James, said His Church Charity has food, clothing and supplies, including generators to distribute to Churches and the needy.

Mr. Cockings observed that the continued imposition of sanctions on post-war Liberia has tied government’s hands in implementing the country’s reconstruction program.

He said Liberia has such potential that the resultant frustration must be immense.

In response, Vice President Boakai likened Liberia’s situation to having someone’s hands tied and thrown into the water and asked to swim to safety.

“All of the difficult conditions have been imposed on this government: large numbers of displaced persons to be resettled, devastation of infrastructure including educational and social facilities, among others” Vice President Boakai observed.

He told the British prelate that the people of Liberia have been carrying their burdens, and that whoever helps them will carry their gratitude.

He re-echoed the Unity Party-led government’s commitment to restoring hope to the people of Liberia, saying, “God brought us to power because He knows that we know the problems confronting the country and are capable of solving them”.