Vice President Boakai Receives Visiting Pakistani Chief of General Staff

Thursday, 16th April 2009
Monrovia, Liberia - Vice President Joseph N. Boakai on April 16 received in audience the visiting Pakistani Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Muhammad Mustafa Khan, at his Capitol Building office.

Speaking during the discussions, Vice President Boakai expressed gratitude to Pakistan for helping in Liberia's reconstruction. 

“Your presence here has led to stability,” he said, noting that Pakistani troops are not only rendering military duties, but are also providing humanitarian services to communities in which they are deployed.

”In addition to peace keeping, Pakistani troops are working with rural communities to build roads and educational facilities, provide medical services and build the capacities of rural dwellers,” Vice President Boakai added.

He said the Pakistani United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) contingent is “very courteous and gets along well with the people.” He noted that because of the services Pakistani troops render communities, the perception of Liberians about the military as a brutal force engaged only in negative activities has changed. “We now see that the military can be a friend,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

He called on Pakistanis to take advantage of the vast investment opportunities in Liberia, which he described as “small but richly endowed country,” citing mining, forestry, agriculture road construction and water and sanitation as areas of investment.
Briefing Vice President Boakai, General  Khan, accompanied by Brigadier General Murtaza, Brigadier General Moin and Lieutenant Colonet Sabir, pledged Pakistan’s willingness to play a major role in Liberia’s reconstruction program.
General Khan, who arrived in the country on April 15 to visit UNMIL Pakistani troops, said he will leave the country on April 17 for Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya to visit Pakistani troops stationed there.