Vice President Boakai Assures Government's Commitment to High Quality Ambasadorial Representation

Wednesday, 14th February 2007
Paris, France - Vice President Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has said that the UP-led government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is determined and committed to maintaining a high quality ambassadorial representation around the world.  

He said this government is moving swiftly ahead with its plan to reduce the number of Liberian Embassies around the world, while consolidating and restructuring Liberian representations to make them more cost effective and efficient.

According to a release from the office of the Vice President, Dr. Boakai was speaking in Paris , France Tuesday in a meeting with Liberia ís Ambassador to France, Mckinley Thomas, upon arrival at the Liberian Embassy in Paris .

Vice President Boakai is in France to attend the 24th Annual Meeting of Heads of State and Governments of Africa & France which is expected to begin today and end on Friday.

Following a tour of the newly renovated Liberian Embassy in France, the Vice President commended Ambassador Thomas for his hard work in securing funding from friends of Liberia for the expansive renovation work.

He described Ambassador Thomas as a fine example of the kind of committed foreign representative of Liberia that this government would be proud of.  

He lamented that most Liberian Embassies around the world spend precious time complaining of the lack of support from the home government, while others have engaged in unwholesome and unpatriotic acts such as illegally selling embassies and other Liberian government property.

Dr. Boakai said that it was the intention of government to investigate all illegal sales of Liberian Embassies around the world and assured that those found to have defrauded the Liberian People will be brought to book.

For his part, Ambassador Thomas assured the Liberian Government of his renewed zeal to ensuring that the new image of Liberia is maintained.

Vice President Boakai is heading a 3 man delegation including the Deputy Minister of State without Portfolio, Dr. Edward McClain.