LMA Gowns Varo Macchi

Thursday, 25th June 2009
Monrovia, Liberia - The Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) on June 24 gowned Italian philanthropist Varo Junior Macchi and named him honorary member of the LMA for his contributions to Liberia’s post-war recovery.

Earlier this year, Mr. Macchi turned over 28 police cars which he negotiated for to the Liberia National Police (LNP) at a ceremony held at the Executive Mansion grounds on Capitol Hill. During his visit to Liberia in March, Mr. Macchi also presented USD$10,000 to the A.M. Dogliotti School of Medicine.

LMA President Madam Lusu Sloan, who was accompanied by executives of the Association, gowned the Italian philanthropist during a ceremony held at the Vice President’s Capitol Building office.

In a statement read by the Association’s Secretary General, Mr. G. Dan Sherman, the Association appealed to Mr. Macchi to assist them with garbage disposal trucks to help in the clean-up campaign they have embarked on.

In remarks, Vice President Boakai paid homage to Liberian marketers for sustaining the Liberian population by supplying the markets with food even at the height of the Liberian civil conflict.

He thanked Mr. Macchi for traveling to Liberia from far off Italy just to help a country in need. He also thanked the Italian philanthropist for his consistent effort to protect Liberia’s image in Italy and other countries in Europe.

Vice President Boakai said the war in Liberia destroyed everything and that it will take time to rebuild, adding, “We need this friendship, we need everything you do for us.”

“Liberia will be a great country because of people like you,” Vice President Boakai observed. The Liberian Vice President later pinned members of Mr. Macchi’s delegation with the Liberian flag.

In response, Mr. Macchi said he was touched by the LMA’s gesture, and thanked officials of the LMA for the honor bestowed upon him.

Mr. Enrico Scerni, Liberia’s Consul General in Italy, said they were in Liberia to examine the possibility of establishing a register for the Liberian flag in Italy. He said Italy’s shipyards for large yachts are the most important in the world. Mr. Scerni added that some members of the delegation are professionals in port activities and would like to get involved in activities of the Freeport of Monrovia.

He said they would also like to get involved in the training of Liberian seafarers for employment in yachts and vessels around the world.

He said following the training, between 4,000 to 5,000 Liberians would be employed in a few years, not only on Liberians vessels, but vessels all over the world. He said during their visit, they held discussions with officials of the Bureau of Maritime Affairs (BMA), National Port Authority (NPA), the Foreign Ministry as well as Vice President Joseph Boakai.