Group of ’77 Board Chair Urges Liberians to Be Grateful

Sunday, 28th June 2009
Monrovia, Liberia - The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of ’77, Mr. Peter Kamei, is urging Liberians to be grateful to the Ellen Jonson Sirleaf–led Government for positive changes within four years.

He observed that just a few years ago, Liberia was considered a failed state with no country or institution wanting to do business with it, saying that those who did, did so for that sake of humanity.

“It was an embarrassment to be called a Liberian because you were either a refugee or displaced, which meant that you were largely depending on someone else for survival,” Mr. Kamei further observed.

Delivering the keynote address at the 3rd graduation and closing exercises of the Group of ’77 Kindergarten and Elementary School System, Mr. Kamei emphasized: “ Liberia was sick until God sent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf assisted by Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, to heal  the land.”

Speaking on the theme "Building a Character of Saying Thank You,' Mr. Kamei  lamented that many do not appreciate the changes taking place, while others take it for granted.  “The common Liberians recognize and appreciate that healing has come to the land and feel the change. There are, however, many that are yet to wake up to the changes and only focus on the gaps. They only complain and complain, ” he added.

Mr. Kamei, former Secretary General of the YMCA, commended Second Lady Kartumu Boakai for transforming the Group of ’77 into a viable, respectable institution. “There is now a functional clinic and the drainage that used be called ‘hold your nose and pass,’ is now so clean that one can sit there and eat,” Mr. Kamei observed.

In remarks at the ceremony, the youthful rights activist, Kimmie Weeks, said he was impressed with the transformation taking place at the group of ’77. He challenged youth to strive for excellence in life, adding, “ Do not just say I want to be like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or Joseph N. Boakai, be yourself and strive to be more than them.”

Also in remarks, former U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) star Dave Brown,who is accompanying Mr. Weeks on his visit to Liberia, challenged youth to strive for the best in life, noting, “with hard work, you can accomplish anything in life.

The program was followed by an exhibition of clothes, envelope, x-ray bags and dispensary envelope and call cards made by the Group of ’77 tailoring department.