Liberian Vice President Government's Commitment to One-China Policy

Saturday, 11th July 2009
Beijing, China - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai on July 10 met with his Chinese counterpart, His Excellency Xi Jinping, at the Great Hall of the People in the political capital, Beijing.

In a prepared statement he delivered during the meeting, Vice President Boakai said the Liberian Government cherishes the close ties between Liberia and the People’s Republic of China, and re-emphasized Liberia’s commitment to the One-China Policy.

“I wish to reiterate that my Government is firmly committed to upholding the ‘One China’ Policy and we remain unwavering,” Vice President Boakai said.

He noted that since the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Liberia and China in 2003, which was enacted into law by the 51st National Legislature, the Liberian Government has made significant progress in ensuring that its relationship with China is cemented.

He said the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to Liberia on February 1, 2007 marked a new era in Sino-Liberia relations, and not only removed the myth about Liberia, but opened the door to other great leaders, adding, “This we will always cherish.”

“Almost seven years in the re-establishment of formal ties, our two countries have cooperated in every field,” said the Liberian Vice President, noting further that the renewal of diplomatic relations  between Liberia and China in 2003 has also strengthened the bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and that China’s technical assistance to Liberia has increased.

Vice President Boakai said Liberia highly appreciates the capacity building and manpower development China has offered Liberians, including granting of scholarships to100 Liberians to study at Chinese institutions.

“To date, China Union, a Chinese company, is the largest investor in Liberia with an investment portfolio of about USD$2.6 billion,” Vice President Boakai said, adding, “We are gratified by the unbridled enthusiasm with which the People’s Republic of China has at this critical time assisted Liberia.” He said Liberia is encouraging more Chinese businesses to take advantage of the excellent investment climate now prevailing in Liberia.

In response, the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Xi Jinping, underlined the strengthening of ties between Liberia and Mainland China since the resumption of diplomatic ties by the two countries in 2003.

He said since the holding of the 2008 Beijing Summit and signing of the China-Africa Partnership Agreement, Chinese assistance to Africa’s development has increased tremendously.

He said China has provided human resource training opportunities for more than 10,000 Africans. Vice President Jinping said in the fourth quarter of this year, China will host a forum in Egypt to determine progress made in the implementation of the Beijing Agreement, and raise China-Africa cooperation to new heights.

He commended the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf–led Government for the strides it has made in promoting peace and expressed hope Liberia would score even greater marks in national rejuvenation.

The Chinese Vice President thanked Liberia for supporting the 2010 Shanghai EXPO under the theme: “Better City, Better Life,” and emphasized that China was ready to work with Liberia as it hosts the Expo.

“With your visit to this country at this time, I am optimistic that the China-Liberia relationship is bound to receive a boost,” Vice President Jinping said.

The discussions with the Chinese Vice President were preceded by a meeting between Vice President Boakai and the leader of the Chinese Legislature, known as Chairman of the People’s Congress, His Excellency WU Bandgguo, at the same venue, where similar sentiments were expressed.