Kissi Community in Bong County Gowns Vice President Boakai

Monday, 27th July 2009
Gbarnga, Bong County - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai says the new Liberia that the Unity Party-led government is building is one that will embrace all Liberians, irrespective of tribal or social differences.

He is therefore admonishing all Liberians to demonstrate love and affection and live in harmony with one another, so as to sustain peace and stability, without which, he noted, the much desired development cannot take place.

Vice President Boakai was speaking Monday in Gbarnga, Bong County, when the Kissi Community in Bong County honored him for bringing pride to his ethnic group by being the first member of that community to ascend to the high post of Vice President.

In a statement they presented to Vice President Boakai, the community said they were also honoring Vice President Boakai for his outstanding and invaluable contributions to the development of his patrimony, both nationally and internationally.

The Community gowned and bestowed the title of ‘Saysay’ on Vice President Boakai. According to tradition, the ‘Saysay’ is the first person who is initiated into the Poro Society.

Continuing, Vice President Boakai challenged members of the community to always strive to be the best, noting that with hard work, honesty and a sense of purpose, nothing is impossible for anyone.

“We thank Almighty God and pray that he continues to shower his many blessings and protection upon you,” the community residents said in the statement presented.

The statement read by the Kissi Governor in Bong County, Mr. Leopold N.K Bundoo said since they settled in Bong County over 50 years ago, members of the Kissi Community have lived in harmony with their hosts, respecting their norms, customs and values. “For all these number of years, the Kissi Ethnic Group has never had conflict with their hosts,” the statement added.

They pledged to promote unity and live in harmony among themselves and their hosts, and to promote the customs, norms and values of the Kissi ethnic group.

They also committed themselves to undertaking initiatives for the socio-economic advancement  of their  people.