28 September Press Briefing Notes

Monday, 28th September 2009
Members of the Press:

•    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will on September 29 host a meeting of senior managers of Liberian businesses, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tuesday’s meeting with the President will focus on measures that can be taken to promote stronger partnership between Government and the Liberian business community.

The President is inviting all senior managers of Liberian owned businesses for the meeting.

•    The President is still awaiting the opinion of the Ministry of Justice regarding the Zakhem contract signed between the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) and Zakhem International. The Minister of Justice, Cllr. Christiana Tah, who is currently out of the country, will present to the President the Ministry’s opinion on the contract upon her return to determine the way forward.

•    The Governments of Great Britain, Australia, France as well as the World Bank have agreed to provide financial and technical support for Government’s decision to continue to suspend health fees for public health centers throughout the country. The decision was announced recently in New York at a meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to review the progress on the health care delivery system of the country.

The Government announced the suspension of the fees in 2006, against the backdrop of free medical services non-governmental health organizations were providing at the time.  The partners were assured by the President that the suspension would remain in effect, as long as the financial and technical support promised by Great Britain and other partners are forthcoming.

•    On reports of proposed salary increments for senior officials of the National Port Authority (NPA), the President was unaware of the proposed increment recommended. Some members of the Board have, however, confirmed the proposed increments.  The President is seeking further clarification from the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Beyan Kesselly, to provide the basis for the proposed increments. Mr. Kesselly is currently out of the country.  Once he returns, he has been requested by the President to provide further clarification on the issue.

•   Finally, on behalf of the President, let us congratulate the young Liberian musical star, Mr. Nicholas Buigar, who came second in a West African television musical competition (Project Fame) recently concluded in Nigeria. All Liberians should be proud of the achievement of Mr. Buigar. His success is a true testament of the enormous talent that remains untapped in Liberia. The President will continue to support programs aimed at exposing the talents of young Liberians in all areas of their endeavors.

Thanks for your attention.