FFW To Double Number Of Borrowers By End of Year

Tuesday, 6th April 2010

Monrovia, Liberia - The Founder and Executive Director of the U.S based Foundation for Women (FFW), Madam Deborah Lindholm, who has just  ended a two-week visit to Liberia, has disclosed that her foundation is to  shortly double the number of persons benefitting from the foundation’s micro-loan scheme in Liberia.

Madam Lindholm said because of visits supporters of the Foundation made to Liberia recently, a total of US$250,000 will be added to the Foundation’s coffers.

“This trip was the most important one in terms of the highest amount of money that we’ve ever brought into the program, because we had so many different groups of major donors, including Rotarians from Calvary who committed US$100,000 cash, the largest single donation for the Foundation’s micro-loan project,” Madam Lindholm said.

“We will be able to double the number of borrowers by the end of the year from 1,000 to about 2,000, and most likely more than that, but at least we can do that many,” the FFW Founder emphasized.

She commended the Stop Hunger Foundation based in California and Rotarians from Calvary, Canada and another group from Tusan, Arizona, U.S.A, who accompanied her on her latest visit to Liberia, for committing a total of a quarter of a million dollars (US$250,000) to the Liberian micro-credit program.

She also commended Ann Lovell of Tusan, Arizona who, she said, brought four new laptops, cameras and other materials for the Foundation’s Monrovia office.

Madam Lindholm pledged to continue to empower Liberian women, saying, “I love Liberia and I love the women of Liberia. The women of Liberia are so strong and so committed and I believe that they ended the war and are rebuilding this country. The Foundation for Women will everything to support them,” she emphasized.

She in addition to empowering women by extending micro-loans to them, the Foundation was also supporting children’s education in the country.

She explained that the Foundation is supporting the school at Rally Time Market in Central Monrovia which has an enrolment of 150 students, and is operating an elementary school in Fine Boy Town in Bong County which has an enrolment of about 100 students. The Foundation for Women, she added has hired a teacher to teach the children.

“There has been dramatic transformation of the children of Fine Boy Town. Instead of just lazing about everyday while their parents are on the farms, they now go to school and learn something for the future,” Madam Lindholm disclosed.

She said the Town Chief of Fine Boy Town is happy with the work the Foundation is doing there.  “He is so impressed with the school and micro-credit program that he has given land to build a school,” she added.

Madam Lindholm said the FFW will partner with a Liberian NGO that builds schools to build a school in Fine Boy Town.

During her just-ended visit, Madam Lindholm brought in a professional photographer, Ann-Eve Cunningham to do a documentary of the Liberia micro-credit program.

“I am really focusing on showing the Liberian women, showing what they deal in in their daily lives-women of all backgrounds and groups,”
Madam Cunningham told this writer.