Vice President Boakai Assures Cape Mountainians

Monday, 17th May 2010
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has told Cape Mountainians that the Unity party-led Government came to power to improve the lives of Liberians and that in line with its Poverty Reduction Strategy, government was committed to bringing development to their area.

He cited improvement of the road network, provision of healthcare and educational facilities as major concerns of the Government. He underscored the importance of good roads in any country, noting that without good roads, healthcare, agriculture and other development initiatives cannot be achieved.

 Vice President Boakai emphasized that it was the government’s goal to bring development to all parts of Liberia, so as to avert the mass migration of citizens from the rural areas to the capital Monrovia, where they end up suffering because the do not have the necessary skills to earn a living in the city.

Vice President Boakai gave the assurance on Saturday, May 15 during a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a community clinic in Leighn, R.A Sherman Township, in Porkpa District, Grand Cape Mount County. The clinic, a self-help initiative by Dr. Lyndon Mabande, Chief Medical Officer of the Firestone Rubber Plantation Company, is expected to serve thousands of residents in Porkpa District and neighboring Sierra Leone .

“Your problem will be solved, so that you will have peace of mind. We will try to accomplish what you have envisaged for the people of Grand Cape Mount County,” Vice President Boakai assured Grand Cape Mount Superintendent Catherine N Watson Khasu.

Vice President Boakai commended Dr. Mabande for the concern he has demonstrated for his people by initiating the clinic project, noting that some educated citizens hardly visit, not alone undertake development projects in their homes, saying, “They only go back home when they need the votes of their people”.

He also stressed the importance healthcare, noting that only healthy people can make farms, go to school or even engage in other activities.

Earlier, Superintendent Khasu and other officials of the County called Vice President Boakai’s attention to the deplorable condition of roads in Grand Cape Mount County.

Superintendent Khasu said she was saddened by the condition of roads in Grand Cape Mount in general, and considers herself a failure because of her inability to impact the reconstruction of roads and bridges in the county, even though she at one time constituted a committee to plan and execute the reconstruction of roads in the county.

Superintendent Khasu said she was particularly disturbed by the disappearance of steel rails and plates left behind by the defunct Liberia Mining Company, an iron ore mining concession that operated in the area, despite her personal intervention to save them for use in the reconstruction of roads and bridges not only n Grand Cape Mount County, but the entire country.

In an overview of the project,  Dr. Mabande said he conceived the project in light of the dire need for a health facility in the area.

He said some 15 towns in the vicinity of Leighn in Porkpa District and six towns in neighboring Sierra Leone which border the area, lack health facilities and would rely heavily on the community clinic.

Dr. Mabande said every time he goes to the area, an average of 25 patients seeking medical attention storm his home. He said he is sometimes compelled to transfer some of these patients to Bomi County for advanced treatment due their serious conditions.

Dr. Mabande said it was this situation that compelled him to appeal to residents of the area as well as friends and well-wishers to undertake the construction of a clinic on self-help basis.

Margibi County Representative Ballah Zayzah who graced the occasion, pledged 30 bags of cement in support of the project.

Earlier, Vice President Boakai visited the Gloria Children Home in Tienni, where he stressed the need to give children sound Christian upbringing to empower them to assume leadership roles in future.