Condoleezza Rice Reiterates U.S. Government's Support to Liberia

Wednesday, 28th March 2007

Monrovia, Liberia - U.S Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice says last Month’s Liberia Partnership Forum in Washington is an important step toward the economic recovery of the country.

In a letter to American Billionaire George Soros, the Senior U.S. State Department official said the United States looks forward to its work to boster President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and help Liberians secure lasting peace, prosperity and freedom.

The American billionaire recently wrote Madam Rice on his thoughts about Liberia following a four day visit to the country early February, as a special guest of the Liberian leader.

Madam Rice thanked Mr. Soros for his ‘thoughtful’ letter regarding Liberia and President Johnson Sirleaf’s exemplary leadership of the country and its economy.

“I agree that she is a remarkable administrator and a great example for the region, and we are committed to helping her tackle the many problems facing Liberia,” the American Secretary of State noted in her letter.