22 November Press Brief Briefing Notes

Tuesday, 23rd November 2010

Media Colleagues:

The reconstitution exercise of the Cabinet by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is well on course and will be completed in the shortest possible time after concluding consultations with all those affected by the process. The President views it as essential to meet with each member of the Cabinet involved, in order to make sure that the new team is focused on the countryís progress going forward. These meetings have been proceeding as quickly as possible, but the process has been slightly extended due to Ministers being on important Government missions outside of the country.

The President is pleased that Governmentís activities have not been halted or slowed because of this process. She hailed it as a sign of stability and a sign of the countryís democratic maturity that a change of the team can take place so smoothly, with Acting Ministers ably fulfilling the duties of government in the meantime. At the end of the exercise, the President will issue a statement to provide additional information on the administrative leave and its intended objective.

The President welcomes on board Cabinet Ministers who have accepted her offer to serve the Government, serve the countryís development process and, above all, serve the benefit and progress of the Liberian people. The President also expresses her appreciation for the quality of public debate during this process, as well as her confidence that it will continue to be conducted in a patriotic spirit and politically mature manner. She hopes such healthy and free debate will strengthen our democracy and guide our future national debate.