President Sirleaf Visits West Point--Commissions Hand Pumps

Tuesday, 10th April 2007
President Sirleaf turns on the tap in West Point, Monrovia.
President Sirleaf turns on the tap in West Point, Monrovia.
Photo Credit: Adama B. Thompson/Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has commissioned a unit of pipe borne water for the people of West Point and Old Kru Town in Monrovia. The President said she was proud to Commission the facilities in West Point because they would minimize the health risks associated with the lack of clean drinking water. The President thanked the residents of West Point for their patience as efforts were underway to link the Community to clean drinking water.

The President said the limited resources of government is an impediment to the speedy implementation of projects, but assured the citizens that government was committed to mobilizing resources and engage development programs one at a time.

“This is a small but significant project, because it adds to the health of our people,” the President emphasized. She urged the residents of West Point to maintain the facilities and keep them clean.

The President thanked the Management of the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation for their dedication and commitment in ensuring that the residents of West Point received pipe borne water.

Water & Sewer Managing Director, Hun-bu Tulay, thanked UNICEF and OXFAM for collaborating with his Corporation for the successful implementation of the project.  The World Bank, he said, is providing assistance to expand water facilities in the country. The Water & Sewer Managing Director said negotiations have also been concluded with the European Union to increase his Corporation’s capacity to provide water to the residents of Monrovia and its environs.

Public Works Minister and Chairman of the Water & Sewer Board, Mr. Luseni Dunzo, thanked the President for the support which he said, has helped their efforts in providing clean drinking water to the people. Pipe borne water, Minister Dunzo said would be expanded to all parts of the country.

West Point Representative Almisa Ennos praised the President for fulfilling her promise to the people of West Point. Representative Ennos acknowledged that West has been among the first areas to benefit from the President’s efforts to restore basic facilities including streets lights. “We have been neglected in the past by previous leaders; thank you for making a difference,” the Representative recalled.

Following the commissioning ceremony, the President walked several blocks along the jammed pack West Point path, shaking hands and acknowledging cheers and chants of good wishes from residents and bystanders.