Vice President Boakai Appeals to U.S. Government for Extension of DED

Monday, 20th June 2011

Monrovia, Liberia - The Vice President of Liberia Joseph Nyuma Boakai has joined an international coalition of concerned non-governmental organizations to appeal to the United States Government to allow the thousands of Liberians facing mass deportation to continue their stay in the US.

These Liberians who reside throughout the U.S.A could be deported to Liberia, if the US government refuses to grant them reprieve after September this year when their Deferred Enforcement Departure (DED) status expires.

The Liberian Vice President said while he was supportive of Liberians returning home to help in the reconstruction of the war- ravaged country, it was equally important to underscore that Liberia is still not ready to absorb all of its citizens who had fled the country during the civil strife.

ďThe social -economic and security challenges are very much enormous as we set the foundation for national recovery and rebuilding therefore to repatriate a very huge number of Liberians would simply just add to the challenges we now face as a government and peopleĒ the Liberian Vice President said.

Retrospecting on the glorious years when Liberia was an oasis of peace on the continent and place of refuge for many West Africans, the Liberian Vice President said Liberians were proud of their homeland and never had the urge to leave, but the degeneration of Liberiaís socio-political landscape culminating into 14 years of war forced Liberians to leave in mass and live abroad.

He said Liberia remains grateful to the U.S for allowing Liberians to continue to seek refuge away from home and appealed that such gesture be continued in the wake of the many challenges that Liberia faces in its post conflict recovery effort.

The Coalition for Permanent Residency (C PR) is a US based multi-racial advocacy think-tank of over 10 organizations pushing to secure permanent legal residency for immigrants in the USA.

Meanwhile, Vice President Boakai has been holding discussions with the University of Minnesota for assistance in training Liberian professionals in various disciplines to help ease the capacity problems the government faces in implementing its national development programs and policies.