Sirleaf Breaks Ground for Liberian Renaissance Education Complex

Friday, 20th April 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has participated in a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Liberia Education Complex in Duazon, Margibi County.

Speaking on Friday at the occasion, the President lauded sponsors of the proposed school for the effort, which she described as a visionary undertaking. The President, according to an Executive Mansion release, praised the sponsors for thinking and looking beyond the ordinary, expressing governmentís support in ensuring that the Liberia Renaissance Education Complex becomes a reality.

The Liberian leader welcomed the initiative of LREC to start a system that fits a process of change in attitudes, arrangements, methods and applications, describing the vision as innovative and creative.

The President commended private donors, particularly a former instructor at the American Corporative School, Dr. Dennis Harper as well as the alumni Association of the school for their decision to establish an institution, intended to provide a world class 21st century school. Under the iniatives of its Primary contributor, Dr. Florian Homm, the Swiss-based Liberia Renaissance Foundation (LRF), has raised more than $US 6-hundred thousand dollars.

The Liberian leader thanked supporters of the Liberia Renaissance Education Complex for sharing the burden of educating the youth of the country. She acknowledged the contributions of private individuals who go beyond the ordinary, sharing the burden in the church, community, institutions and family, to give back in return what they have received in abundance.
ďThis innovation will last long beyond you and me, because herein a story will be told of those who cared; those who shared of the little that they received from the friendship and the partnership of our country,Ē the President emphasized.

According its sponsors, the school, upon completion, would provide broad educational needs including literacy, teacher training center and a vocational school. The proposed school will also provide high speed internet technology to benefit both students as well others from other institutions at no cost.