Vice President Boakai Launches Unity Party Campaign in Grand Gedeh County

Tuesday, 4th October 2011

Zwedru, Grand Gedeh - Liberian Vice President Joseph N. Boakai Sr. on Tuesday, October 4 officially launched the Unity Party campaign in Grand Gedeh County with thousands of partisans and well-wishers gracing the colorful occasion.

The campaign launch held in the Zwedru City Hall was preceded by a parade through the principal streets of Zwedru.

Speaking at the indoor program which also witnessed the unveiling of candidates contesting on the ruling Unity Party ticket, Vice President Boakai thanked the people of Grand Gedeh for giving him the assurance that this time around, the Unity Party will emerge victorious in the County.

He said the turnout at the launching ceremony has convinced him that the Unity Party is poised to win majority of the votes in Grand Gedeh. “I am very delighted about what I am seeing here today, because I know that when Grand Gedeans make a decision they stand by it,” the Vice President said.

He observed that despite what happened in 2005 when Grand Gedeans gave 96 percent of their votes to opposition candidates, the Unity Party-led Government respected the decisions of the people of Grand Gedeh and gave them equal treatment with other counties in the implementation of the government’s development goals. “The Unity Party does not believe in witch-hunting,” he emphasized.

He assured Grand Gedeans that voting for the Unity Party is voting for the development of their county and the future of their youth, assuring that if elected, the UP-led Government will ensure that the road from Grand Gedeh to Monrovia is paved to ease the difficulties travelers on this road currently experience.

Vice President Boakai reiterated that the Unity Party is concerned about the future of the nation’s youth, and will ensure that schools built are manned by trained teachers, because, he noted, “the school is not just the building, but the quality of its teaching staff.” He added that it is in this light that the Government has increased the salaries of teachers so that Liberian Government schools can attract the best teachers, and is seeking assistance from American Peace Corps Volunteer service to send more teachers to Liberian to help prop up Liberian schools.

“Liberia is on the move and we thank you for being a part of the decision to help us realize this goal,” he emphasized.

He educated the gathering on how to cast their ballots come October 11and presented a disk which highlights development projects undertaken by the Unity Party-led Government during its first term in office.

Vice President Boakai then went on to appeal to the people of Grand Gedeh County not to allow themselves to be drawn into any violent confrontation during the upcoming polls, so that the gains already made by the government will not be reversed.

He then urged them to reach out to undecided voters so that the Unity Party will emerge victorious in the upcoming polls, adding, ”The Unity Party will not disappoint you.”

He told the cheering crowd that their Superintendent who was involved in a car accident recently is recuperating, and that the Government is doing all it can to ensure that he fully recovers from the accident.

In remarks, several groups including the Grand Gedeh United Sisiters, Federation of Transport Unions of Grand Gedeh County, Traditional Council of Grand Gedeh, Youth for Development, Grand Gedeh Women Community, Southeastern Women of Grand Gedeh County, Liberia Marketing Association Grand Gedeh Branch and the Movement for the Re-election of Ellen (GEMORE) pledged their full support to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s second term bid.

The groups said they were impressed with the development initiatives of the Unity Party-led government, including the construction of roads, schools, hospitals, increment and prompt payment of civil servants’ salaries, the empowerment of youth and women, among others.

Also in remarks, the Unity Party junior senatorial candidate, Mr. G. Alphonso Gaye assured Vice President Boakai that this time around, the people of Grand Gedeh were determined ensure victory for the Unity Party.

He said unlike 2005, when opposition party candidates won 96 percent of the votes in the county, the story has changed. “If you go into the communities, villages and towns now, you will see that no other party apart from the Unity Party has the overwhelming support of Grand Gedeans.”

This, he noted, is because Grand Gedeans appreciate the good leadership demonstrated by the Unity Party-led Government.

He confided that Grand Gedeans voted massively against the Unity Party in 2005 out of fear that a Unity Party-led government would have suppressed or hunted Grand Gedeans.

“During the six years you have spent in office, no Grand Gedean has been hunted or unduly punished. Therefore, we are determined to re-elect Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Unity Party-led Government,” Mr. Gaye assured.