Irish Delegation Meets President Sirleaf

Tuesday, 24th April 2007
Irish Envoy Discuss with President Sirleaf
Irish Envoy Discuss with President Sirleaf
Photo Credit: Adama B.Thompson/Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says government would welcome any financial and technical assistance towards efforts to train a professional, well equipped and disciplined police force, in line with its security sector reform.

The President also expressed the hope that Liberia’s partners would support the health sector, which lacks the capacity to adequate respond to the health needs of citizens as health agencies begin to scale down their operations in the country. The health NGOs are ending their operations in the country, now that Liberia has been elevated from the Emergency phase.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Johnson Sirleaf was speaking Tuesday at the Foreign Ministry, when a delegation from the government of Ireland held discussions on possible areas of cooperation between Ireland and Liberia. The President also urged the Irish to consider providing trainers to assist with the training of its new police force.

The delegation, led by Irish Ambassador Liam Canniffe, informed President Johnson Sirleaf of his government’s decision to assist Liberia in the security, health and capacity building sectors of Liberia. Ambassador Canniffe said Ireland was determined to develop a strong partnership with Liberia that would respond quickly to the country’s needs in a ‘non-bureaucratic’ way.

Ambassador Canniffe said there is strong support in Ireland about Liberia’s development initiatives. The Irish, he said are pleased with measures being taken by President Johnson Sirleaf to move the country forward despite the challenges. He assured the President that his country would nurture the relationship, adding ‘the Irish commitment is for the long haul.”

The Irish Ambassador was accompanied to the Foreign Ministry by Senior Irish military officers including the Secretary-general of Defense; the Chief of Staff, and Executives of the Bureau of Development and Defense.