Vice President Joseph N. Boakai says The Carter Center remains a great partner in Liberiaís reconstruction programmes

Wednesday, 28th March 2012

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai says The Carter Center remains a great partner in Liberiaís reconstruction programmes.

The Vice President made these remarks Wednesday when he and members of his entourage were taken on a guided tour by Dr. Jay Hakes, Director of The Carter Center Presidential Library and Museum in downtown Atlanta.

He said he and his delegation were very delighted to see some of the people who tirelessly work behind the scenes to make things happen in the many programs of The Carter Center.
Thomas Crick, the Associate Director for conflict resolution Briefed the Vice President and delegation on the Carter Center activities in Liberia including the peace building programs working with traditional leaders, simplifying the laws and procedures  to enable them settle disputes and conflicts without engaging the courts.

Briefing the delegation on the TCC mental health programs in Liberia, Dr. Thomas Bornemann, and Director of mental health of the Carter Center said work was being done to produce the national mental health law, which is expected to be completed by June this year.

Madam Laura Neuman, Associate Director, Access to Information of the Carter Center praised Liberia for enacting the freedom of information act, the first in West Africa and noted that many challenges remain in the implementation process of the law including overcoming the culture of secrecy to openness, awareness about the act, and the appointment of a information commissioner to ensure the implementation of the law, pointing out that these challenges may take years to overcome.

Dr. John Hardman, President and CEO of The Carter Center recounted the historic ties between Liberia and the United States` from the founding of Liberia. He said Africa views Americaís commitment to Africa through Liberia.

Earlier, Vice President Boakai has laid a wreath at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Grave site and toured the historic Ebenezer Church in Downtown Atlanta. This edifice is where Dr. King preached and his mother was shot there in 1974.

The Vice President is expected to meet with the Liberian Community in Atlanta today in a town hall meeting. Georgia is home to ten thousand Liberians, a dispatch from the Vice Presidentís spokesman concluded.