Vice President Joseph N. Boakai Thursday addressed Liberians in the United States

Thursday, 29th March 2012

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai  Thursday addressed Liberians in the United States  on issues of education, land reform, labor, the emerging energy and gas sectors, dual citizenship , training , job opportunities  and efforts made by the government to prioritize programs concerning  the physically challenged population in the country.

The meeting held under the theme TOGETHER WE CAN SUCCEED was convened at the International Christian Fellowship Ministries in Atlanta and carried live on  Internet radio - Africa Radio one with listeners in the United States, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.
With a panel of five including Outgoing Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, William Bull, Commerce and Industry Minister Miatta Besyslow, The Executive Director of the National Investment Commission, Ciata Bishop, T.Nelson Williams, Managing Director of the LPRC,  and Monrovia City Mayor, Mary Broh, responded to questions posed by members of the Liberian Community in Georgia .

Moderated by Dr. Nathnaiel G.Gbessagee, Liberians were able to get a first hand information about developments back home and in the words of one of the speakers “the fact that the Vice President of Liberia can take his own time to listen to our concerns is an indication that positive things were happening back home.”

The Vice President laid emphasis on the training of teachers and nurses and the efforts of government to providing incentives to these areas so as to attract more young Liberians in these professions.He said the Government was not replacing Liberian teachers with foreign professionals as a solution to the manpower problem ,but that Liberia was executing a program wherein some friendly nations with no cost to the nation has offered to beef up the educational and the health sectors by providing professionals on short term basis.

Noting further the panel emphasize that the Government was keen on the implementation of the Liberalization policy and that the investment act to protect domestic investment has been proritised by the Government of Liberia.

The panel of five also informed the Liberian community that Liberian firms in the United States and other parts of the world are encouraged to apply for contracts back home as these opportunities have been put on line by the GOL to give Liberians in the Diaspora the opportunity to participate in the rebuilding of the nation.

Commerce Minister Miatta Besylow however noted that some Liberians were in the habit of fronting for foreign businesses and warn against such practice because it slows down the process required by the commerce ministry for those who want to do business in Liberia and  also undermine the economy, adding “we should stop shooting ourselves in the foot.”Earlier, Vice President Boakai and delegation met with investors at the Bank of America in downtown Atlanta. The summit conference convenes today under the theme showcasing:” Liberia an investor’s paradise.” Details follow.