Vice President Boakai Addresses Annual Convention of Grand Gedeh Associations in the Americas

Monday, 28th May 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has called on Liberians to develop the spirit of nationalism and patriotism that will drive them to fight and die for their country.
He said if Liberians nurture the spirit of nationalism, they would always strive to protect their country from enemies and build a wall between them and those that want to divide them.
Vice President Boakai made the call Saturday when he delivered the keynote address at the 16th annual convention of the Grand Gedeh Associations in the Americas held from May 25-27 in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.
More than 600 delegates from around the United States and Canada attended the convention.
He hoped Liberians would begin to admire their Liberian-ness, the same way Americans are proud of being Americans, noting that the pursuit of national unity and peace is predicated on reconciliation amongst Liberians as a people.
The Liberian Vice President emphasized that before Liberians can truly reconcile, reconstruct and develop their country, they must consider themselves Liberians first and Krahns, Kpelles, Kissis, Manos or Mandingoes last.
“Our national identity must provide a historic bridge between the past of a deeply divided society characterized by strife, conflict, untold suffering and injustice and a future  founded on human  rights, democracy and peaceful co-existence and opportunities for all, irrespective of tribe, county, status, belief, creed or sex, “ Vice President Boakai emphasized.
He challenged Liberians to forgive one another and commit themselves to the pursuit of peace to pave the way for reconstruction and development.
Vice President Boakai assured that the Unity Party-led Government’ headed by Africa’s first elected female president, is committed to the promotion of genuine peace and reconciliation, and bringing development to the people of Liberia.
In his annual message at the convention, the National President of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Mr. David Gbortoe, called on Grand Gedeans to work together with their brothers and sisters in Liberia to achieve true reconciliation.  He said the people of Grand Gedeh must begin with reconciliation amongst themselves as the first step to national reconciliation.
Mr. Gbortoe announced that the GGAA  has purchased an ambulance for the use of people of the County.

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