Vice President Boakai: Cardinal Objective of discipline is to correct, redirect and mold the child into a better behaved and aware person.

Thursday, 8th November 2012
Monrovia, Liberia - President Joseph N. Boakai says one of the best ways to prevent child abuse is to help parents develop the skills and identify the resources they need to understand and meet the children’s needs and protect them from harm.

He said many caregivers face problems looking after children of their deceased family members given the meager resources at their disposal, adding Liberia is still far from welfare programs that other nations institute as safety nets to handle such problems.

The Vice President was speaking Tuesday at the University of Liberia when he delivered the keynote address at the National Program of the Program Learning Group network in Liberia held under the theme: Turning Child Protection Research into Concrete Action.”

According to a release from the Office of the Vice President quoting him,” when parents lack this support or feel isolated, they may be more likely to make poor decisions that can lead to neglect or abuse.

Vice President Boakai said discipline is an indispensable tool in the shaping of any child into a useful citizen, a citizen that will be shaped into a useful citizen that will be conscious of his or her societal duties and responsibilities.

According to the Vice President, there is one cardinal objective of discipline to correct, redirect and mold the child into a better behaved and aware person. VP Boakai warned that the variant of discipline employed to punish the child and to inflict pain should be discontinued and discouraged, adding,” discipline must be with care and love.”

Noting further, Vice President Boakai also a father of many children and a grandfather restated his stance that “our children do not deserve to be brutalized, starved, abandoned, corrupted, drugged, enslaved, prostituted or exploited, a release from the Office of the Vice President’s Office added.
 Other speakers included the Program Director of Child Fund Liberia, Dr. T. Debey Sayndee, Director of Kofi Annan School of Conflict Resolution, at the University of Liberia, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Vivian Cherue and Dr. Wede Elliot Brownell, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Liberia among others.