Vice President Boakai Says Safe Drinking Water Remains the Priority of the Government of Liberia

Friday, 14th December 2012
Darkar, Senegal - Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has told the National Television of Senegal that the provision of safe drinking water and the creation of good sanitary environment remains a priority of the Government of Liberia.

He said though Liberia will not meet the Millennium Development Goal in this area the Government of Liberia has taken steps to make sure that this objective is achieved.

Vice President Boakai was speaking Friday in an interview with the National Television of Senegal in the Capitol Darkar at the close of the 2nd High Level Forum on Water and Sanitation for Africa held under the agies of the Government of Senegal and the Intergovernmental Agency of Africa.
He said Africa must look from within for the resolution of its problems instead of looking outside of the Continent.

In response to a question from newsmen of the Senegal National Television concerning the current political, economic, social, cultural and other realities, Vice President Boakai said a lot of progress have been made in these sectors but a large number of Liberians donot have access to safe drinking water, something the Vice President said can be overcome.

Earlier, Vice President Boakai met with Mr. Issafou Issaka Chairman and President of the WSA Ministerial Council in the Vice Presidentís Suite at the King Fahd Palace in Darkar.
During the Discussion, the two leaders discussed the problem of safe drinking Water for Africa. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been named Honorary President for the WSA Foundation.
Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods was in the meeting with the Vice President.