Suspension of Protective Tariff on Cement Importation Extended

Tuesday, 5th June 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued Executive Order Number 9, extending the suspension of the protective tariff on cement importation in to the country. The Order suspends the protective tariff of US 2-dollars imposed by the Government of Liberia for 50 kilograms bag of Portland cement brought into the country for construction. The decision, according to the Order is intended to promote competition and reduce the price of the commodity on the Liberian market.

An Executive Mansion release said the extension of Executive Order 9 is part of Governmentís efforts to speed up the countryís developmental program.

The order further states that the 2006 extension of the cement protective tariff has not produced the expected results, as the price of cement continues to rise on the market at the disadvantage of the consumer and the public as a whole.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf last year issued Executive Order Number 5 (five) which suspended the protective tariff on cement for one year.

Executive Order Number 9 takes immediate effect. 

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