Vice President Boakai Announces Resolution of ELWA-Gol Land Dispute, Parties Hold Joint Press Conference

Wednesday, 9th January 2013

Monrovia, Liberia - The People of King Gray Town in Paynesville, the Liberia Council of Churches representing the Sudan Interior Mission/ELWA and the Government of Liberia have finally resolved the land issue between ELWA and the Government of Liberia.

In a joint press conference today held on Capitol Hill, both parties, the ELWA and the Government of Liberia said ‘although some difficulties were experienced in the exercise, the two parties realized their need to cooperate and finally decided to have an amicable resolution. ELWA represented by the leadership of the Church of Liberia, realizing Government’s need of this land willingly consented to give the GOL 11.2 acres of land based on the understanding that the Government grants ELWA a Title Deed to the remaining portion of the ELWA Land.

The statement further said ,the Government of Liberia will compensate ELWA for two houses on the land that Government will take over at asset value and that the Government of Liberia intervenes in the dispute that the King Gray Community has with ELWA and resolve it.

The statement went on to say that the Government of Liberia represented by the Vice President of Liberia consented to the terms of the agreement and promised to honor it to the letter.

The statement read by Honorable Joseph N. Boakai, Vice President of Liberia and representing the Government of Liberia said” We, the Government, the ELWA/SIM family, the leadership of the Church of Liberia and the King Gray family want to make it public and express gratitude to all who contributed to this process, for the unity of our nation.
In response to questions from journalists, the SIM, King Gray and the Government of Liberia said they were pleased with the resolution of the matter.