President Sirleaf Begins Reconstituting Her Cabinet; New Ministers Named at Labor, Commerce & Industry;, Transport and Youth & Sports Ministers Swap Positions

Monday, 11th March 2013
President Sirleaf, as she announces the reshuffle of her Cabinet.
President Sirleaf, as she announces the reshuffle of her Cabinet.
Photo Credit: Ousman Diallo / Executive Mansion

Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has begun the reorganization of her Cabinet, effecting the first reshuffle since the commencement of her second term as President of Liberia.


According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf said in a statement, broadcast live, that after deep reflection, she had decided to begin reconstitution of her new Cabinet to reflect age, gender, religion and ethnicity. This, she said, continues to guide her actions in the conduct of the affairs of the State.


On the inclusion of young people in the reconstituted Cabinet, President Sirleaf stated that while she and others can expect them to occasionally err in the exercise of their duties, the truth remains that the future of the country belongs to the youthful generation. “It is time that our young people begin to work with us – to take on more and more responsibility for the future of our country – and to deepen their understanding of exactly where we are headed, the challenge associated with getting us there, and the discipline and dedication that will be required,” the Liberian leader declared.


Another aspect that played a part in her nomination, President Sirleaf continued, is that she has placed a premium on the criteria of competence, integrity, commitment and loyalty.“By loyalty, I mean that which is not only owed to an individual or to a political party but loyalty to the aspiration of our national vision and to the improvement in the lives of our people,” President Sirleaf said, adding, quite simply, “I expect the loyalty and commitment of each member of the Executive to primarily extend to the implementation of our ambitious transformative agenda, and to improving the lives of our people.”


She made it clear that she has transferred some individuals from one area of responsibility to another, while a few have not been reappointed. This action, she said, is intended to provide an opportunity to bring new dynamisms to new responsibilities.


President Sirleaf stressed that in cases where some individuals have not been reappointed, it is mostly because they are better suited to pursue their professions in other areas of endeavor. She thanked all of these individuals for their various services to the country. She wished those who are not returning to the Administration best wishes in their future undertakings.


The President charged those nominated or appointed to seriously observe the criteria she has set, and to always attend to their duties diligently, so that the reorganized team remains in place for the duration of this Administration.  She warned however, “Let there be no mistake: I will not hesitate to make a change if anyone does not rise to the commitment of this Administration and to the challenge of their respective portfolios.”


President Sirleaf then announced the nomination, and appointment, as appropriate, of the following persons to different positions in Government, stressing that she will make additional nominations and appointments over the next few days.









Those named to positions in government, subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate, where applicable, include:

Ministry of Labor:

Cllr. Sie-A-Yeaneh Youh               -          Minister


Ministry of Youth & Sports

Mr. Eugene Nagbe                          -          Minister

Ministry of Transport

Mr. Tornolah Varpilah                  -          Minister


Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Mr. Axel Addy                                         -          Minister

Ms. Candace Eastman                           -          Deputy Minister, Commerce & Industry

Mr. Cyril Allen, II                                     -          Deputy Minister, Administration


Civil Service Agency:

Mr. George Werner                                  -          Director General


Ministry of Justice

Ms. Betty Lamin Blamo                        -           Deputy Minister/Solicitor General


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Una Thompson                                 -          Deputy Minister for Administration

Mr. Elias Shoniyin                                    -          Deputy Minister for International Cooperation

Dr. C. William Allen                                 -          Ambassador


Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs

Ms. Vabah Gayflor                                  -          Director-General of the Cabinet


Ministry of Education:

Mr. Edwin Kennedy Tetteh                    -          Deputy Minister, Administration

Dr. Khalifa Bility                                      -          Deputy Minister, Planning, Research & Development

Ms. Hawah Goll-Kotchi                         -          Deputy Minister, Instruction


Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy:

Mr. Stephen B. Dorbor, Sr.                      -          Deputy Minister, Planning and Human Resource Dev.

Ms. Mariam Kaba                                    -          Assistant Minister, Energy


Ministry of Internal Affairs

Mr. Amos Tweh                       -                          Deputy Minister, Urban Affairs


National Social Security & Welfare Corporation

Mr. Dewitt von Ballmoos        -                          Director General

Mr. Nya Twayen                     -                          Deputy Director General


Liberia Institute for Public Administration

Mr. Oblayon B. Nyemah        -                          Director General



National Bureau of Veteran Affairs

Rtd. BG Rudolf F. Kolaco, Sr.                -          Director General

Rtd. Col. Railey Karkor                           -          Deputy Director General, Administration


Monrovia Consolidated School System

Mr. Benjamin A. Jacobs         -                          Superintendent











Local Government Appointments


Meanwhile, President Sirleaf has also made some appointments at the local government level in Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate, where applicable:


Those named at the local government level in Grand Gedeh County and River Gee Counties are:








Sarah Julue

Township Commissioner

Jarwodee Township



George Shorrow

Township Commissioner

Toe's Township



Harry Zuah

Township Commissioner

Bodee Township



Arthur Yarton

Township Commissioner

Chayee Township



Eric Gbayor

Township Commissioner

Zai Township, Gbarzon District



Philip J. Boway

Township Commissioner

Polar Township, Gbarzon District


Josephine Garley

Township Commissioner

Tchien Administrative District










Robert Nyenwoh

District Commissioner

Putu Administrative District



Jackson Quewone

District Commissioner

B'hai Administrative District



Arthur Kahn Zweh

District Commissioner

Gbao Administrative District



River Gee County

1      Bolton Dweh Swen                 District Commissioner                           Chedepo Administrative District