‘Fourth HLP Meeting in Bali Reached a Turning Point,’ Says President Sirleaf

Thursday, 28th March 2013
President Sirleaf addressing the opening of the 4th HLP Meeting in Bali, Indonesia.
President Sirleaf addressing the opening of the 4th HLP Meeting in Bali, Indonesia.
Photo Credit: James M. Garresen/ Executive Mansion

 Bali, Indonesia - High-Level Panel reached a turning point in the process as they have now concretized a vision to lay the ground for a more equitable and sustainable world, free of deprivation and with shared prosperity.


“Today was a turning point in the High Level Panel process. We have reached some very concrete decisions regarding our agenda, building on our meetings in New York, London and Monrovia,” a delighted President Sirleaf told journalists.


The Liberian leader, one of three co-chairs of the UN High Level Panel of Eminent Persons, continued: “In New York, we set out the requirements for a post-2015 framework that would replace the Millennium Development Goals after their expiration. In London, we crystallized the vision and discussed jobs and livelihoods, while in Monrovia, the Panel deliberated on economic transformation and the national building blocks for sustained prosperity,” noting that these are all crucial for laying the groundwork for a transformative development agenda.


According to a Dispatch from Bali, President Sirleaf, addressing a joint press conference along with her host, Indonesian President Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, said the just ended meeting which specifically focused on the theme: ‘Global Partnership and Means of Implementation,’ acknowledge that any post-2015 agenda will require a broader and more effective coalition of partners, greater policy coherence, new resources, better and more transparent financing instruments, and innovative ways of channeling and maximizing returns on existing capacities and resources.


“We have agreed on the necessity to establish a new, more durable partnership framework that involves more actors on the basis of shared principles and differential commitment and where relationships are redefined,” President Sirleaf said, but pointed out that it must be grounded in values of shared humanity and reciprocity and must be an accountable and transparent partnership. She further warned that achieving this new way of working will require a change of mindset, a redefinition of relationships and decisive actions.


The High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda will present its report to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon at a meeting in New York on May 30. Indonesian President Yudhoyono has been designated by the present the report to Mr. Ban on behalf of the Panel.


Earlier, at the start of the meeting in Bali, President Sirleaf cautioned participants that the people of today’s world have not only the responsibility, but also the capacity to change things around, to find solutions to the problems that confront the world as one humanity, with one common destiny. She indicated that the consultations identified issues relating to poverty, sustainable growth and environment which the global community has a responsibility to address if a better world must be ensured for future generations.


She stressed that ending extreme poverty in our time, within the context of sustained development and building strong nations managed by accountable and transparent governments with inclusion and equity for all must be based on a new type of mutually responsible partnership that will require the participation of all stakeholders.


The Liberian leader warned that the challenge now is to go beyond circumstantial alliances to a new, more durable partnership framework that involves new actors on the basis of shared principles and differential commitment and where relationships are redefined. She pointed out that transparency and accountability must constitute the foundation of such new direction that requires a change of mindsets, a redefinition of relationships and decisive actions.


Also speaking during the opening ceremony, Indonesian President Yudhoyono welcomed the delegates to what he referred to as ‘Islands of the Gods’ and expressed happiness for hosting the event.


He thanked the stakeholders for sharing the vision of the co-chairs and the panel members and joined President Sirleaf in stressing that the eradication of poverty and improving the well-being of the people is good for today’s and future generations. “We must work to eradicate poverty and empower the poor. We must provide food, shelter, education, health services, create jobs, at the household level and pursue social and economic transformation that empowers people,” President Yudhoyono emphasized, adding that sustainable growth with equity must be a cardinal building block of the new development agenda.


Also making video recorded remarks, British Prime Minister David Cameron reflected on the outcomes of the Monrovia and preceding meetings and declared them as good results. He urged governments around the world to continue to move from poverty to prosperity and prioritize private sector development for economic transformation.


He expressed regrets for his inability to attend the Bali meeting due to current national obligations, but expressed confidence that Presidents Sirleaf and Yudhoyono were capable of leading the meeting successfully.


The UN Secretary-General, in a video recorded message, told the meeting that the world was at a crossroad and urgently needs sustainable development. He said the Bali meeting was taking on the critical component of addressing the financing framework of the new development agenda. “Public-private partnership,” he maintained, “will be critical for the new agenda,” noting that all stakeholders are committed to sharing the responsibility. He thanked the High Level Panel for the commitment, dedication, hard work and professionalism exhibited in the execution of their work.


During the working session, President Sirleaf chaired the discussion on ‘Global Partnership and Means of Implementation,’ with President Yudhoyono making a presentation. The Liberian leader also chaired the discussion on the Outline of the Panel’s Report.