Wednesday, 3rd April 2013

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention to combat desertification, Mr. Luc Gnacadji says that population dynamics, increase in the demand for energy, food and water will put more pressure on the land and that
by 2030 the demand for food, water and energy will increase by 50, 45 and 30 percent respectively.

He said meeting those needs will require 175 million to 222 million hectares of additional cropland and in order to meet the needs of the population land will have to be preserved.

Mr. Gnacadji was speaking Tuesday when he paid a courtesy call on Vice President Joseph  Boakai on Capitol Hill, a release from the Office of the Vice President said.

‘If we donot take bold actions, to protect,restore and manage the land and soil sustainably, we will not achieve our commitments for climate change adaptation  and mitigation, biodiversity conservation and the MDG targets” Mr. Gnacadji pointed out.

Speaking further Mr. Gnacadji averred that steps will have to be taken to alleviate rural poverty and hunger, ensure long term food security and build resilience to drought and water stress.

Speaking earlier, Vice President Joseph Boakai said that  Liberia is a country that can boast of its forest reserves and doesnot see Liberia in the category of land degradation.

Vice President Boakai said that the Government of Liberia is very kin on the management of forest and forest resources, noting that is why the Government is encouraging farmers to cultivate the low lands instead of the highlands.

Currently Liberia is home to more than 45 percent of the forest in West Africa.