Vice President Boakai Re-echoed Appeal to Liberians Sheltering in Refugee Camps

Friday, 15th June 2007

Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has re-echoed his appeal to Liberians still sheltering in refugee camps in the sub-region and other parts of the world to return home and contribute their quota to the reconstruction of their nation.

“The country Liberia is still your country. We need the skills you have acquired to move the country forward. Come and be part of the transition,” Vice President Boakai said adding, “The contributions you make will go a long way in making Liberia what it should be”.

He made the appeal at his 12th Street Office Friday when a group of Liberian refugees from the Buduburam Camp in Ghana, accompanied by officials of the UNHCR and LRRRC, paid a courtesy call on him.

He said Liberia as a country emerging from a devastating civil conflict that has resulted in massive brain drain, still has skills gaps that the refugees could fill.

“We do believe that home is home, and it is you Liberians, all of us that can make conditions in this country better,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

He said even where jobs are scarce, Liberians can create jobs by establishing businesses, or engaging in agricultural and other programs, and cited the example of Ghana and Nigeria where, he said , the economy is in the hands of citizens.

He assured returnees that the Unity Party-led government is striving to put into place those conditions and opportunities that will make their stay in the country worthwhile.

“Come and make your contributions. Our role as a government is to ensure improved security and the needed infrastructure are put in place, “ the Vice President added.

Briefing Vice President Boakai earlier,  LRRRC deputy director Saa Nyuma who accompanied the refugees, said they have not received from Liberian refugees in Ghana the cooperation they have received from Liberian refugees in Ivory Coast, Guinea and Sierra Leone .

He explained that while most Liberian refugees in these neighboring countries have returned home, most refugees at the Buduburam Camp in Ghana are yet to return home.

Mr. Nyuma informed the Vice President that UNHCR assisted repatriation will end June 30 this year, and that Liberians still in refugee camps after this date will be responsible for their own return.