Vice President Boakai Challenges Liberian Farmers To Strive To Attain Self-Sufficiency In Food Production.

Sunday, 17th June 2007

Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia's Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has challenged Liberian farmers to strive to attain self-sufficiency in food production.

"It troubles me to see garri coming from Sierra Leone and pepper from Guinea, when Liberia has so much fertile soil," Vice President Boakai said.

He urged Liberian farmers to redouble their efforts because, he noted, no country can boast of development if it cannot feed itself.

Vice President Boakai made the remarks Saturday during a visit to Grand Cape Mount County.

The visit which was upon the invitation of the Superintendent of the County, took Vice President Boakai to Gbah Foboi in Bomi County as well as Sinje, Bomie Town in Tombey Chiefdom, Gbarto Town,  Sembehun Town and the county seat Robertsport.

In all areas visited, the Vice President was welcomed by traditional musicians and offered the traditional kola nuts and white chicken symbolizing purity of heart. In Bomie Town, Tombey Chiefdom, the Vice President was presented with a spear, representing sents the Kiatamba Clan which was founded by warriors.

The women of Sembehun gowned Vice President Boakai and conferred on him the title, Town Chief of Sembahun.

Vice President Boakai challenged Liberians to take the destiny of their country into their own hands, noting "Friends and development partners may help, but only Liberians can bring development to their country.
"Help means assisting somebody who is doing something.
You can't help someone who is doing nothing," the Vice President emphasized.

The Liberian Vice President assured government's commitment to improving the lives of Liberians. He said government considers it a priority to give all communities access to safe drinking water, educational institutions, good roads and healthcare.
"God has given us a beautiful country. All we pray for is peace ," he added.

Officials of all areas visited complained of lack of adequate health care facilities, educational institutions and facilities, safe drinking water and good roads. Citizens of Robertsport called on government to recondition the Robertsport-Monrovia highway to facilitate movement to and from the city.

The Superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County, Mrs.
Kathleen Karsue said she invited Vice President Boakai whom she described as a hard working person,  so that he can serve as an inspiration to the people of Cape Mount.

"A country that cannot feed itself cannot boast of being independent. It is time that we found dignity in labor," she said adding, "Liberia has a fertile soil, yet we don't have enough of any of our staple foods,"Mrs.Karsue observed.