Vice President Boakai Addresses First Africa Legislative Summit In Abuja, Nigeria

Monday, 11th November 2013

Abuja, Nigeria - Vice President Joseph N. Boakai  has called on African Parliaments to re-examine  themselves to discover what is missing because the continent is normally described as a conflict prone part of the world, despite the enormous natural resources to care for its citizens and even provide aid and assistance to other parts of the world.

Vice President Boakai said there is what many consider the natural resource abuse in Africa, noting African Nations are more often than not characterized as either poor, underdeveloped or developing countries.

Vice President Boakai was speaking Monday in Abuja when he made special remarks at the opening of the First Africa Legislative Summit organized by the Nigerian National Assembly held at the International Conference Center in Abuja, Nigeria.

The International Legislative Summit is being held under theme “emerging Legislatures in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities” with a specific thematic focus on Security and Democracy in Africa.

Vice President Boakai pointed out that most often the failure of governments to provide for the security and wellbeing of the people leads to disgruntlement amongst populations which, left unaddressed eventually spirals a nation into civil crisis, adding, political exclusion, marginalization of minorities, relegation of women and children issues, abuse of human and peoples rights and other factors also form part of the root causes of civil conflicts on our continent.

The summit was organized by the Nigeria National Assembly in concert with the European Parliamentarians with Africa and the Canadian Parliamentary Center.