Minister Saytumah's Side of the Story

Wednesday, 27th June 2007
Mr. Saytumah:

Yes, there was a disruption, but it did not precipitate from me nor was it engineered from the government side.

In response to a statement made by the Auditor General of the Republic concerning the lack of competence of his Office and office staff to conduct a detailed comprehensive audit, the Director General of the Budget drew a corollary to the effect, that given that Mr. Morlu does not have the requisite competent office and staff as indicated by him, it therefore leaves to a logical conclusion that Mr. Morluís report to the Legislature is incomplete and can not withstand the competence requirement as prescribed under the Code of Conduct of the American Institute of Certified Accountant (AICPA).

This statement when made by the Director of the Budget precipitated strong opposition and therefore created a pandemonium, consequently interrupting the legislative hearing. Several lawmakers chanted the usual out-of-order slogans that compelled the Speaker to seek a motion for the suspension of the hearing. During and after a prolonged delay of the hearing, a barrage of journalists came to me requesting an interview, alleging that I had assaulted or threatened the Auditor General. I told them that the Auditor General was the best witness, since in fact he was present when the question was asked of me, but the journalists persistently, insistently and relentlessly requested an interview of me, which of course I chose to not give.

I considered myself being used as a pawn

I never disrupted Budget Hearing