Government Here to Fulfull Failed Promises--Vice President Boakai

Friday, 6th July 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - The Vice President of Liberia Joseph  N. Boakai has assured Liberians that the Unity Party-led government is here to fulfill all the failed promises of the nation’s past leaders.

“With all the noise you hear, it is easy to see that in just one and half years, this government is making headway,” Vice President Boakai observed.

He said the government acknowledges certain shortcomings, but noted that “It is not possible that everything that was damaged  in the past will be fixed in one and half years”.

Vice President Boakai was speaking Thursday during a fact-finding visit to Old Camp, Ner Camp and Compound Four in Grand Bassa County.

He promised residents of the area that the Palm Plantation Company, LIBing will be shortly rehabilitated to provide employment opportunities for jobless residents of the area.

“We are committed to improve the lives of our citizens, especially the youth who hold the future of the nation in their hands,” he added. Vice President Boakai intimated that one of the major concerns of the Unity Party-led government is the future of Liberians and especially the youth who he noted, represent that future.

“Our concern is that all of you here become responsible citizens to help rebuild this country”.

The Vice President informed residents of the areas visited that government would send a team from the Ministries of Health, Education and Public Works to assess the needs of the people in these areas.

Earlier, elders and chiefs of the areas cited lack of health care facilities, junior and senior high schools and bad roads as problems they are confronted with.

Vice President Boakai was accompanied on the tour by Grand Bassa County Superintendent Julia Duncan Cassell, the Chairman of the Traditional Council of Liberia, Zahn-Zahn Kawo, Assistant Internal Affairs Minister Allison Barco and the Internal Affairs Assistant Minister for Culture. Leaders of six collaborating political parties supporting Unity Party Candidate Abel Nyounbol in next Tuesday’s poll, also accompanied Vice President Boakai. The tour coincided with the climax of the campaign of the Unity Party Candidate in the July 10 by-election.