President Sirleaf Meets Bar Association

Friday, 13th July 2007
President Sirleaf and members of the bar association at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
President Sirleaf and members of the bar association at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Photo Credit: Ousman Diallo/Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia - Members of the Liberian National Bar Association say Judicial Reform is not an overnight process, and have expressed their willingness to working with institutions set up to achieving the objective.  At a meeting on Friday with Executives and members of the Bar, members of the Bar lauded the President her government for setting into motion the framework for the achievement of the objectives.

Among other issues discussed was the need for more trained lawyers to administer the courts of the country. The National Bar members observed that most trained lawyers were working with non-governmental and other institutions due to the lack of adequate incentives by government to attract their services.

The urged international partners contributing to the nationís legal process, to redirect other funding sources to the recruitment of qualified Liberian lawyers who may be willing to return home.

Members of the Bar also spoke of the need to address the increasing land disputes in the country, as well as the violation of the zoning laws of the country.  They also call for a review of the jury system which in their view needs a serious overhaul.

The Bar disclosed the existence of statutory bodies such as the Law Reform Commission and the Register Land Law Act, which could address some of the prevailing issues of enforcement. They expressed the hope that Law Reform Commission now before the Governance Reform Commission would be aligned to the existing bodies to achieve the desired objectives.

President Sirleaf welcomed the observations and recommendations by members of the Liberia National Bar Association, and assured the Body that suggestions advanced would form a part of an overall object to draw from the recommendations as a way forward to addressing some of the challenges the country faces.

Earlier, the Liberian leader briefed the lawyers on governments progress, prospects, and challenges in the areas of Peace and security, rule of law, good governance and infrastructure development. The President recounted steady progress in the overall development objectives, but noted that that challenges still remain particularly in the areas of  employment, corruption, and commodity prices. The Liberian leader said government will not relent in finding lasting solutions to the problems, which she noted can not be tackled