Chinese Ambassador Admonishes Liberians to Love One Another

Saturday, 21st July 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - Chinese Ambassador Lin Sontiang is calling on Liberians to love each other and cooperate with the Unity Party-led government as it strives to usher the country out of the ashes of war.
Ambassador Lin noted that the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led government  is committed to alleviating poverty in Liberia and bringing development to the war-torn nation.
He said Liberia is blessed with immense natural wealth, and that with the right leadership which the Unity part-led government is capable of providing, Liberia would become a shining star in Africa.

The Chinese Ambassador was speaking Friday at the first official graduation of the Kindergarten class of the Group of ’77 on Newport Street. 13 students graduated from the Kindergarten class.
Ambassador Lin said Liberia is a beautiful country that has immense tourist potential, and hoped the Liberian government would consider developing the country’s tourist industry.
He regretted that the war left the nation’s physical infrastructure and moral fabric in ruins, and urged Liberians to hold together to make their country one of the greatest in Africa.
Ambassador Lin expressed surprise at the rapid improvement that has taken place at the Group of ’77, saying that when he first visited the Group, it had no roof and was in a very bad state.

The Chinese Ambassador used the occasion to bid good-bye to the Group of ’77, saying that his tour of duty in Liberia ends this month.
Also speaking at the occasion, the Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Ophelia Hoff-Saytumah said she was impressed with the transformation that has taken place at the Group of ’77, and called on all workers of the Group to cooperate with the Executive Director of the Group, Second Lady Kartumu Boakai, as she carries out her reforms at the institution.
In remarks, the secretary of the Group of ’77 who is also a disabled, expressed gratitude to Madam Boakai for the reforms she has carried out since she took over leadership of the Group.
He said because of these reforms, the “people that despised us are now coming to live with us. People who felt that we were disease carriers now drink from the same cup we drink in”.
“Before Her Excellency took the challenge to work for people neglected for many years, this place was not fit for human habitation,” he added.