Liberian Government Revokes Consul - Generals Appointments

Tuesday, 31st July 2007

Monrovia, Liberia - The Liberian government has revoked the appointment of all Honorary Consul-generals, Consuls, Vice-consuls and Ambassadors-at-Large. An Executive Mansion release quoting a Foreign Ministry circular said the action is intended to end the misuse of their appointments and curtail the illegal activities being perpetrated by some of the appointees. The decision takes effect as of August 8, 2007.

The Foreign Ministry said after a thorough investigation, appropriate safeguards will be instituted and new appointments made.  The appointments, the Ministry said, will include some of those who have previously rendered meritorious services to Liberia.

The decision to cancel the appointments of the honorary consuls, does not affect Honorary-consuls serving in consulates in Athens, Greece; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Oslo, Norway and Victoria/Melbourne, Australia. Other Honorary consuls exempted from the appointment cancellations are those serving in Consulate services in Stegen, Germany; Tampa, Florida and Madrid, Spain. They are performing prime Maritime functions or have special assignments.

The Foreign Ministry in the circular, regretted any inconvenience to all those affected by the decision, who have rendered professional and honest service to Liberia. However, due to the serious violations which continue to occur, and in an effort to protect the good name and reputation of the Government of Liberia, the action, the Ministry said has become necessary.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Liberiaís Permanent Mission to the United Nations has informed all Permanent Missions to the United Nations of the decision and the request of the Liberian government that all exequaturs issued to affected Liberian honorary consuls in their respective jurisdictions be canceled, except for those officials identified in the Circular who are performing maritime functions or on special assignments.