President Sirleaf Meets More Stakeholders - Labor Union, Chamber of Commerce the Latest

Wednesday, 1st August 2007
President Sirleaf and Chamber of Commerce Members
President Sirleaf and Chamber of Commerce Members
Photo Credit: James Garessen, II/Executive Mansion

Monrovia, Liberia - Consultations between President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Stakeholders continue early this week with meetings involving the Liberia Federation of Labor Unions and the Liberia Chamber of Commerce.

During a meeting with the Labor Unions at the Foreign Ministry, the Union welcomed the opportunity to meet with the President, recalling that no Liberian President has met with them in recent times. The meeting, the labor unions leadership added, provided a glorious opportunity to express their views and suggestions towards nation building. The Union leadership has meanwhile, recommended that May 1 of each year, otherwise known as May Day, be observed as a national holiday. On the labor situation at Firestone, the Union complained about what was referred to as the Ďintransigence on the part of the Firestone Management towards improving working conditions at the Plantations.í

An Executive Mansion release said, President Johnson-Sirleaf assured the Union of her governmentís commitment to improving the livelihood of workers in the country. The President said government will not tolerate any attempt by managements to undermine its policies aimed at improving the working conditions of workers throughout the country.

The Liberian leader, during a meeting with the Liberian Chamber of Commerce, has meanwhile, reiterated governmentís support for the business sector of the country and will continue to be supportive of the private sector.

The Chamber of Commerce among other things complained of the operations of BIVAC in the clearing of goods at the Freeport of Monrovia. The Chamber said it was also concerned about the high risk on containers being brought into the country as well as the influx of inferior goods on the Liberian market.

The Group has at the same time, called for the building of capacity for Liberian custom officers. The Chamber is also recommending for consideration, a destination inspection for the air cargo industry.