Association of University Presidents Meet President Sirleaf

Friday, 10th August 2007
President Sirleaf in consultations with University Presidents
President Sirleaf in consultations with University Presidents
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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has met with the Association of University Presidents in continuation of her Executive Consultations with Stakeholders.

During consultations on Friday, the President said her government wants to offer support to enhance the performance of institutions. The President said government was keen on the quality of higher education, noting that output has not been satisfactory.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader called for proposals from the Association to address the need to upgrade quality instruction for the Universities. The President also observed that young people desire jobs, but often do not have the skills to fill vacancies. The Chief Executive also frown on reports of corruption at some higher institutions of learning and requested the Association to identify corruption wherever it may exist in their respective Universities, with the view of tackling the epidemic. The President further called for the establishment of criteria to enable a junior college transform to a university.

For its part, the Association said it seeks to monitor quality in various universities. The Association of University Presidents also acknowledged the ‘unfortunate state’ of higher institutions in the country and pointed out the need to develop a policy on long distance education. The Association also called for a comprehensive study of Liberia’s human resource capacity.

Friday’s Executive Consultations by the President is part of an ongoing consultative exercise to solicit the views of major stake holders to help guide government as the country embarks on its development initiatives.