President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Meets With the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY)

Tuesday, 14th August 2007
President Sirleaf and members of the FLY delegation a few moments after the meeting.
President Sirleaf and members of the FLY delegation a few moments after the meeting.
Photo Credit: Ousman Diallo/Executive Mansion

Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has met with the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) in continuation of consultations with Stakeholders.

An Executive Mansion release says the Liberian leader on Monday, briefed the leaders of the Federation on measures being taken by government to tackle the countryís development needs. The President said governmentís determination aimed at improving the educational sector of the country remains strong. The provision of free primary education, the President said, is a manifestation of governmentís determination to provide educational opportunities for its citizens, particularly the youth. The Liberian President, however, noted governmentís inability to provide free education to all levels due to the countryís limited resource capacity.

The President spoke of plans to relocate the University of Liberia to Fendal, outside of Monrovia, in an effort to expand the capacity of the State-owned institution. President Johnson Sirleaf acknowledged the difficult ties citizens continue to face with transportation, but expressed the hope that the arrival of 25 buses donated by the government of Spain would provide some temporary relief, as government seeks more resources to address the transportation sector of the country.

On current re-negotiations between the Firestone Plantations Company and the Liberian government, the President said the government is working to ensure that the Company adds value to its rubber.

President Johnson Sirleaf also spoke of governmentís commitment to security, but emphasized that the best security can be ensured when the needs of the Liberian people are addressed.

On behalf of the Federation, its President George Wisner, expressed thanks to President Johnson Sirleaf for choosing a young person as orator for the just ended July 26 independence celebrations. He informed the President of the launching three weeks ago of phase-two of the National Youth Policy, which focuses on rural communities and towns, but expressed concern about the status of the Policy as well as the employment situation in the country.

Youth & Sports Minister Madam Etmonia Tarpeh as well as Lands, Mines and Energy Minister Dr. Eugene Shannon also attended the Consultative Session, which continued on Tuesday with a meeting involving members and leaders of the Yannah Boys Association of Liberia.