Formal Launch of Stakeholders’ Consultative Committee on Development of Full Poverty Reduction Strategy

Thursday, 16th August 2007

Monrovia, Liberia - The formal launching of the full Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy development will take place on Monday, August 20th at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is the beginning of a process that will end by the middle of next year with the publication of our full Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), building on the achievements of the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy (iPRSP) now under implementation.  Our PRS is the document that will guide our nation in its transition to sustainable, peaceful and shared economic development, serving as the blueprint for the architects of our national development to follow over the next few years.  Our PRS will be crafted by all of us; all three branches of government, civil society, private sector, and the public at large will play a part, with financial and technical input from development partners.

The formal launch of the Stakeholders’ Consultative Committee on Monday will involve representatives from the counties, civil society, the private sector, development partners, and government.  At this meeting all stakeholders will have an opportunity to learn about PRS processes and influence the work of the PRS working groups, which will formulate PRS strategies regarding Governance and the Rule of Law, Infrastructure & the Social Sectors, National Defense, Economic Revitalization, Gender Equity, Peacebuilding, Environment, & Statistics/Monitoring & Evaluation.  In addition, other elements of the strategy preparation – including broad public consultations – will be discussed and commented upon at the SCC launch.

While not all Liberians will attend the SCC launch, all of us are part of the Poverty Reduction Strategy process.  As the months move forward, look for your opportunity to contribute in the various meetings that will be held towards formulating the PRS.   Only by collaborating, by working together to build a poverty reduction strategy that serves us all, can we ensure an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful economic future for all Liberia.

Please contribute to the PRS’ development over the next year and join us in building a better, brighter shared future for all of us and for our children.


THE PRS CORE TEAM (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Defense, LRDC Secretariat, and LISGIS)