President Sirleaf Participates In Africa Action Summit on the Margins of COP22.

Thursday, 17th November 2016
President Sirleaf addressing the Africa Action Summit - Marrakech.
President Sirleaf addressing the Africa Action Summit - Marrakech.
Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

Marrakech, Morocco: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 participated in the "Africa Action Summit", held on the margins of COP22 reaffirming Liberia's commitment through its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to increase the share of renewable energy through hydro-electricity and solar power. She disclosed that the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant will be commissioned on December 2016 - follow by electricity supply.

According to a dispatch, the Liberian leader was speaking at the Africa Action Summit”, held on the side lines of COP22hosted in the Royal Palace in Marrakech with over 40 African heads of state and Governments including Ministers in attendance at the invitation of King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

She told the Summit that Liberia, like most of West Africa is not only threatened by climate change but now feel the effects of climate change because according to her excessive rainfall, draught, erosion from raising seas, flood and danger to animals, changing farming systems, displacement of population, particularly women farmers are disadvantaged She added that:  “Liberia has developed a climate change policy with the view to creating resilience while equally addressing national development priorities in a sustainable way”.

President Sirleaf told the gathering that Liberia is one of the major forest countries in Africa and as such Liberia’s contributions to addressing climate change is critical. She said threat to Liberia’s coastline, with serious risks to coastal cities, displacement of populations and loss of major economic benefits must be addressed.

“Despite these challenges, Liberia has made progress in combating climate change at the national level as manifested through Liberia’s draft Climate Change Policy, which seeks to strengthen national institutions, communities and initiatives that have a strong capacity for adaptation, mitigation and disaster” President Sirleaf underscored.

She however, commended King Mohammed VI of Morocco under whose dynamic leadership the Africa Action Summit is being held on the margins of COP22 and acknowledged the crucial role of African leaders in navigating Africa towards the adoption of the milestone Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Earlier, in his opening remarks, King Mohammed VI said the Kingdom of Morocco is a committed actor in the task of consolidating regional security and stability. He said Morocco is determined to enhance its contribution to defending the vital interests of the continent, alongside sister nations and, soon, within the African Union.

“As it implements its ambitious program in the field of renewable energy, Morocco is making its expertise available to its partners” he said. King Mohammed said the Kingdom of Morocco is, today, contributing to bringing new partners on board public and private, as well as the structuring governance mechanisms.

“My country will also lead an African climate expertise network, through the Climate Change Competence Center based in Morocco” King Mohammed assert. Touching on the  funding provided for in the Paris Agreement as of 2020, he said the Moroccan Presidency is keen to see public funding mobilized, financial arrangements diversified and access to climate funds facilitated.
The Africa Action Summit aims to examine the opportunities to achieve a strategy of common influence to the countries of the continent and to counteract the threat of climate change on the planet, which brought together the Conference of the Parties (COP22), the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, and the Parties to the Paris Agreement to make the roadmap for the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

The Summit was graced by United Nations Secretary General Ben Ki-moon, France President, François Hollande and the President of the African Development Bank (AFDB), Dr. Akinwumi Adesina among others.