President Sirleaf Receives Briefings on Her Working Visit to ECOWAS Commission

Monday, 5th December 2016

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Abuja, Nigeria-Sunday, December 4, 2016: On the occasion of her Official Working Visit to the ECOWAS Commission,President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has received presentations from the various departments of the Commission-highlighting reforms, ongoing progress and challenges that beset the Commission.

According to a dispatch from Abuja, President Sirleaf said the thrust of her visit was to aptly familiarize herself with the activities of the Commission with a view to become fully abreast with the day-to-day functions and programs of the Commission and prepare for the next Summit scheduled for December 17, 2017 in Abuja.

She thanked the Commission for being accommodating to provide progress updates on the general state of affairs covering regional economies, political affairs and security, infrastructure, finance /administration, human resource among others - while acknowledging the individual and collective progress that has characterized the successive presentations. She said a challenge ultimately remains over the long awaited Organo-gram that would inevitably spell out systematic progress realized.

President Sirleaf praised the team for its dedication and commitment in giving their best to the sub-region, which has recorded more progress and called for stronger efforts that will ensure ECOWAS countries are competitive. She emphasized the need for the effective utilization of scarce resources and urged the Commission to take primary responsibility and assert every effort geared towards addressing the core issues.

On the latest developments in The Gambia, President Sirleaf observed that democratic development in Africa is on the horizon. She then thanked President-elect Adama Burrow, outgoing President Yaya Jammeh for conceding defeat and the people of The Gambia for their courage to make a landmark decision for the future of their country.

Throughout the various briefings, one thing became clear- as every department seemed confronted with problems, which emphasized the need for more resources - adequately trained personnel with the requisite expertise and skills to produce efficiently and professionally. From the ECOWAS Commission’s President – Souza, Vice President Singhatey to the individual Commissioners - although progress was recorded but the need to infuse additional resources – prioritize capacity building and move vigorously with the necessary reforms remain compelling.